"Sick" Husband Calls His Wife A Witch On Social Media... says she'll kill him

I just hope his wife and his family members are trying to get help for him, if he's truly sick. I wonder why such a grown man will feel comfortable to write something like this about his wife online.

According to report by Malawi News, he's a journalist identified as Collins Mtika. They say this isn't the first time he would write such about his wife openly.

Report has it that a close family source said the wife suffered distress over the post. 
She is however not taking any action against her husband, because he is said not to be 'well mentally'.


  1. hmmm. only God know the truth. wheather witch or not, let God be the judge!

  2. It wasn't so in d 1st place.

  3. How could he have called out his wife like that??? Marriage palava

  4. And you have to say this on social media silly man

  5. Rosemary Ezeji u have said it all...... marriage is people with matured minds.


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