Nigerians blasts Gov. Wike, Rivers Police for killing painter & treating his wife like a thief

Some Nigerians have condemned Governor Wike Nyesom of Rivers State and the state police for their handling of the killing of a painter, Mr. Ese Akpan, on Old Aba Road, Rumuomasi, PH.

They demanded that the government investigated the death and bring the alleged killer to book.

The report by Punch had indicated that 60-year-old Ese was hit by a stray bullet by the roadside.

The deceased’s widow, Christiana, had said she was prevented from reporting the incident at the police area command, adding that she was chased away by government officials at the governor’s office, where she had gone to seek justice.

She had alleged that since the incident happened on Tuesday, January 31, there had been a ploy to cover up the killing of her husband.

The incident, captured by a Closed Circuit Television camera, caused outrage as Nigerians called for the arrest and prosecution of the killer cop.

Nigerians are insisting that Governor Wike had the duty of protecting residents of the state.

A commentator, who identified himself as Netanyahu, said, “The way and manner we accept that killing one or two persons wantonly is not too much for a country of this size scares me. The thinking of a policeman that he can kill and nothing will happen is a dangerous situation.

“If citizen Akpan (Ese) happened to be a son, brother or in-law of a politician, the police would have swung into action to fish out the culprit…Who will fight his cause? God will fight his cause.

The police on Moscow Road chased the wife away. The ones guarding the governor threatened to shoot the poor woman if she didn’t get away from the vicinity. That is the lot of the poor and weak in a country that operates the cruellest type of democracy in the world: democracy by the rich and for the rich. Adieu citizen Akpan.”

Another commentator, Aare, said, “All over Nigeria, these bullion van drivers constitute a menace and a threat to other motorists and pedestrians – if they are not swerving all over the road like mad people, they are driving against traffic or mounting kerbs where pedestrians walk.

“The Inspector-General of Police and the Federal Government should look into this and restore sanity to our roads. Bullion van drivers and their escorts should be given a strict code of conduct.”

Another reader, Fearless, urged the state governor to make good his promise to defend the poor

When Punch called the Chief Press Secretary to the state governor, Simeon Nwakaudu, on phone, he was not reachable. He had yet to respond to text and email messages sent to has of press time.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Omoni Nnamdi, said the divisional police officer in the area had yet to get back to him since Wednesday.

Nnamdi explained that he was in Lagos State in preparation for the burial of a former Commissioner of Police in the state, Francis Odesanya.

He said, “I am not in Rivers State. I have been calling the DPO, but he is not reachable.”

When contacted, the Force Public Relations Officer, Moshood Jimoh, said he could do nothing since it was a matter for the Rivers State Police Command.


  1. Oya rivers state government commence investigation in these case immediately

  2. what a shame..i wish could say more,all points raised by those angry nigerians are the truth..not to worry mrs christianna akpan he has someone..God will fight for you..those who are trying to avoid justice are going to be judged in the open right before your very eyes and God will continue to provide and sustain u all

  3. When you are nobody at times you face lot of cheats & injustice, hope the investigation will be carry out on the circumstances that surrounded the death of this painter.

  4. Dats it, d rich oppresses d poor. God will judge

  5. Rivers state has become rivers of blood. The state had lost too many souls in the last 2 years than other states in Niger Delta combined. It is high time Gov. wike is told that enough is enough or else the state will soon become lawless

  6. Yes this should be investigated, I was not happy when I first read this story.

  7. What did we expect from governor Wike, he has turned the state to terror state.he has to learn from good governors and do the right things.

  8. This so called unprofessional zombies "police". Are very wicked

  9. Lawless governor, lawless state. Smh!

  10. I just pity d woman. No justice in Nigeria

  11. One-chance Governor

  12. Most of dose politicians ve sold dere hearts 2 d devil, no conscience @all @all..

  13. Too bad and unacceptable.

  14. God bless you Olu....

    The governor should now react positively over thaat case...

  15. The Governor should look into it.


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