400 Nigerians In South African Jails – Minister Dambazau

Interior Minister retired Lt.-Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau has disclosed that about 400 Nigerians were saving jail terms for various offences in South Africa.

Dambazau made the disclosure at a joint news conference in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the visit of Nigerian delegation to South Africa.

Dambazau and his Foreign Affairs counterpart, Geoffrey Onyeama had on Monday led a delegation to South Africa over the incessant xenophobic attacks on Nigerians living in that country.

He said he had a meeting with his counterpart, the Home Affairs Minister in South Africa and discussed general issues particularly on migration.
The minister said they also discussed Nigerians involved in some criminal activities.

“These are in the minority because equally we have Nigerian professionals who are contributing positively to development of the economy of South Africa.
“However, that is not to say that they should fold their arms and not to do something about somebody involved in criminality.

“But in doing that, we emphasised that due processe of the law should be taken in terms of the assumption of innocence, being proven guilty and in terms of fair hearing.

“I understand that there are about 400 Nigerians who are in their prison for various offences”, he said.
The minister said their offences included prostitution and drug, among others.

He said the offenders would finish their jail terms in South Africa because there was no prisoner exchange arrangement between Nigeria and South Africa as it were with some other countries.

He, however, said that efforts would be made to ensure that such arrangement was put in place in due course.

Dambazau said he also emphasised that due process of the law should be taken in dealing with suspected criminals.

“When we met with the Nigerian community, we also emphasised that those who are involved in criminal behaviour should not be allowed to spoil the good names of themselves and Nigeria.

“So they have that moral responsibility to report where necessary”, he said.
The minister said that the issue of passport challenge was also tabled at the meeting with the Nigerian community with a promise that it would be resolved.

“There were complaints that the passport machines were old and from our record we understand that they were supplied in 2007. I then promised them that arrangement must be made to ensure that all passport machines are changed to modern ones.

“We are going to streamline the issuance of passport”, he added.


  1. It's not only in south Africa we have them. They are all over the world

  2. hmmmm..as time goes on we'll see what happens

  3. Nigerians in SA should be of good conduct and stop tarnishing the good image of this country, then we can know who the real enemies are.

  4. Come back to ur father's land

  5. Hmmmm, na wa oooo. Is it nt better u go 2 farm in ur village dan 2b in anoda country's prison,

  6. Thank God they noted Nigerians contributed A lot to their economy

  7. Oladimeji Seun18 March, 2017 12:33

    Issokay o.

  8. This government is really full of selfish politicians, no body is willing to ion out issues with Nigeriann in South Africa.

  9. Ok o...

    Can such happen to their citizens here in Nigeria?...

  10. Most Nigerians in south Africa are really into dirty dealings. So jailing them can sometimes be so deserving.

  11. Nigerians always take the larger share on crime


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