Actress Seyi Hunter: "I'm Still A Vir-gin, My Chest Get Me Attention"

Nollywood actress Seyi Hunter is one actress who isn’t ashamed to express her opinions on sensitive issues. Her production debut started with the movie Indecent Assault and she's ventured into other businesses.

In a chat interview with The News Guru she opens up on her passion for acting, why she is still a vir-gin, s*x before marriage amongst other issues...

So what have you been up to career-wise?  
Okay, I took a short break from acting so as to focus on our beauty pageant Miss Bikini, now I’m back fully to acting.

What do you miss about acting?  
I miss the passion. The fact that I have to be someone else. I also miss moving from one location to another. Acting gives me a different kind of thrill. I miss that.

Don’t you think the break you took affected your acting career?  
The break I took never affected my acting career. Besides, some people are still where I left them.Some have gone far of course. But I believe that whatever happens in life has already been written before we were born.Life is a script and we’re the actors. I wasn’t 100percent off the scene. I still produced and acted a movie that went to the cinema titled “Gone Grey” .I was also featured in three movies. I also produced a Yoruba movie titled “AJO” which will be out soon.

You played the role of a naughty and spoilt damsel in Indecent Assault. Does the role depict the real Seyi Hunter?  
The role I played in Indecent Assault is far from who I am. The girl in the movie is wild, naughty, greedy, heartless and spoilt. I’m the opposite of all.

Are Nigerian men scared to marry vir-gins?  
I don’t know, but from my experience they do not like inexperienced girls, girls who haven’t had s*x before. Some say it’s like buying black market.

When you are alone at home what do you like to wear?  
I don’t wear anything when I am alone at home. I like to be free.

What part of your body gets you the most attention?
My b**bs gets me the most attention, they are firm and ripe. I’m blessed with great b**bs and I have very cute nose.

Have you ever been complimented on your boobs?  
Yes I get that a lot of time, especially when I go braless sometimes. It’s a compliment and I love genuine compliment

Has anyone made an attempt to touch?
No, it has never happened. I don’t go braless to where I will meet such people.

In an interview, you once said you know nothing about s*x. Are you truly a vir-gin?
I’m still a vir-gin. I am keeping myself for the right person. There’s no dignity in sleeping around.