Apostle Suleman: Keyamo Plotting To Clone My Voice, Kill Stephanie Otobo

This saga is taking too many turns. The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has alleged that popular lawyer Festus Keyamo and those he described as his paymasters have concluded plans to unveil cloned video clips to justify their claim he has had an amorous relationship with his accuser, Stephanie Otobo.

Suleman equally claimed that Keyamo and “his paymasters” have also decided to kill or terribly harm Otobo in the bid to frame him or his agents as being responsible for the heinous act.

Apostle Suleman's Communications Manager, Phrank Shaibu, in a statement in Abuja said intelligence available indicated that Keyamo and his paymasters are bent on nailing the pastor for daring to stand and speak up against the ploy by leaders of a section of the country against Christians.

The statement, released on Friday, said: “We have it on good authority that some persons have been in a hotel in Lagos where they are daily undergoing voice training and learning how to speak like Apostle Suleman. Others are also recreating scenes and editing video clips to give the impression that our Senior Pastor is involved. All in a bid to want to nail him.”

Shaibu, therefore, urged Nigerians to regard the videos when they become public as counterfeit, pointing out that the plan by Keyamo and his paymasters to silence the General Overseer and thereby annihilate Christians in the country would fail.

He said: “Is it a coincidence that the so called scandal is coming up no soon after Apostle Suleman spoke against the persecution of Christians in Kaduna? Why is a matter purportedly perpetrated since 2015 coming up now. And who is paying for the high intrigue and drama daily injected into the process?.”

The spokesman is however worried that Stephanie Otobo may be killed or severely harmed as a ditch effort to implicate Suleman, giving that all other plans to nail.

He said: “That is our fear. That they would not be patient to allow the courts do their job. In fact, they have not even gone to court. They are not ready to wait for the truth to come out. We are reliably informed that they may kill her or cause severe bodily harm and turn round to say that it is our pastor that did it. We cannot put anything past them at this stage.”

Shaibu reiterated the determination of the fiery pastor to defend his name and that of the church from attack by agents of Satan, pointing out that what is happening now did not come as a surprise to the ministry.

He said: “When Archbishop Olubunmi Okogie spoke forcefully against misrule of government, the military authorities unsuccessfully tried to nail him with a woman. When Pastor Tunde Bakare could not be cowed by an unpopular administration, they also tried to do same to him. So it is consistent for the same evil men to want to shut up Apostle Suleiman as a critical voice of reason against the persecution of Christians in a section of the country.”


  1. This story is now taking another dimension

  2. we are watching..thanks for the heads up

  3. the man of God shld just keep calm. things will play out themselves

  4. Hmmmm, like I said earlier only God knws d truth. Its possible d lady is saying d truth

  5. Hassan Aderemi10 March, 2017 21:34

    This statement is lace with the approach of attack is the best form of defence.

    1. Thank you. So, even if it's true we should disregard it. What a cover up. Nigerian pastors, na waoo

  6. I will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail, the gate of hell can only try, i mean only try.

  7. This is poor info from the man of God, laced with cooked up stories

  8. All I know is that the truth will surely come out noatter hoe long it take

  9. Why is Apostle Suleiman's camp rushing with this type of information, making him guilty as alleged. Poor communication

  10. If the Pastor is innocent of the accusations (which I should think he is), he is a Prophet and hears from God, and so should talk less, but supplicate more and watch his God do what only He can for him-vindicate him and take on his enemies. Until God proves him innocent by dealing with his supposed accusers and traducers, no media denials, rebuttals and defense can convince a great majority of those following the story that the scandal is just a frame up or set up. Jesus REMAINS the LORD and He still SAVES!

  11. It's becoming interested, we need evidence

  12. We are watching, the truth must surely reveal itself.

  13. God knows all truly no doubt at all. I sincerely feel all these stories are cook up, a kinda of self defense when one is the actual guilty person. My opinion!!!

  14. I never wanted to comment but when i heard Emmanuel Ot comment, I fear, So people like yourself are still in this country, Let me take you to the USA and you will see why Pastors over there will never be rich, They will rather make money being a Motivational Speaker


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