Apostle Suleman warns members to leave the s*xual scandal; says he'll deal with it spiritually

General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministeries, Apostle Johnson Suleman through his Communication Manager, Phrank Shaibu, has released a statement asking all his pastors and members to stop commenting online on the series of s*xual scandal trailing him. According to him, it is now a spiritual battle. The statement reads:

It has become imperative that we advice all Omega Children and Christians Worldwide to put an end to the on going media war that we have engaged in. 
The commentaries have since overstayed its relevance and we should no longer allow ourselves to be distracted by it. 
Every wise person would know that this is not a battle of humans but one between the Kingdom of God and that of darkness. 
Therefore, NOBODY is permitted further to issue a statement or comment on the matter. All Facebook Live Videos on the issue should also stop forthwith. It is advised that we spend our time concentrating on more relevant issues that bothers on the Kingdom. 
We are well aware where all these are coming from and we will deal with it Spiritually. 
We appreciate your ever ready cooperation. 
More Grace! 
Directorate of Media,
Omega Fire Ministry.


  1. Yes the spiritual controls the physical, its a spiritual battle, the devil is a liar.

  2. And that spiritual would surely befall on you.

  3. let the battle begin! God will reveal who the real enemy is..

  4. For where, we no gree, this must continue until the truth is made public. You cannot take our money in God's and lavish it on prostitutes and expect us to be silent. That's is not possible.

  5. If you believe in spiritual battle why did you luck her in jail in the first place. Mr do as i said but don't do as i did.

  6. Only God knows the true position of all these allegations

  7. Oladimeji Seun13 March, 2017 08:22


  8. You better go and defend yourself if you know you are innocent of the allegations, and stop pretending as if he knows nothing about it.

  9. The truth will always come out one day

  10. Issokay fight your battle the way is easier for you but make sure your name is clear from this allegation

  11. Hassan Aderemi13 March, 2017 17:56

    Let your conscience be your compass.

  12. It can happen to any body any time. So pastor Suleiman if it's true accept it


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