Big Spender Hush Puppi & Davido Fighting It Out Over Money

Some say the guy sold one of kidney for money out of desperation and that now he's into drugs and all that. But the Hush Puppi guy is gradually announcing himself as a big spender and he's directly or indirectly challenging some people.

But one thing is, since the Apostle Suleman saga linking him to Daniella Okeke's SUV and House, people are no longer taking things easy with people living dirty lives online again. Why? Because they are trying to make hardworking people look like they are lazy.

Some people are trying to connect the fact that Apostle Suleman gave Leo Mezie money for his treatment to the car and house Daniella Okeke allegedly got from him. But what is the connection? Was Daniella sick of car and house and he got her those assets to "cure" her? It is well!

People will say or do anything, lets just leave this matter for God.

As for Malaysia-based Nigerian, Hush Puppi and Davido, they are trying to distract us from more serious issues. Yesterday they were hanging out together, today they are shading.

It's all about who spends more money. With time, dem go dey alright.