Buhari Cancels Medical Trip To UK, invites doctors to Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari has cancelled a planned medical trip to the UK and invited doctors to Nigeria instead. The 74-year-old head of state spent 51 days on medical leave in London earlier this year, amid fears he was too ill to continue to lead Nigeria.

Buhari returned home on 10 March, temporarily ending ill-health rumours. However, soon after, the presidency said he was planning to travel again in April for further medical tests.

But it is now believed Buhari’s doctors will travel to Nigeria on Friday (31 March). The president was advised against leaving Nigeria, given the current economic crisis affecting the country.

According to SR, Buhari’s stay in UK was shrouded in mystery, with many speculating he was not fit enough to resume office. However, the presidency always denied such allegations.

But some have claimed Buhari is now working at a slow pace. Earlier this month, officials told Reuters Buhari now spends between one and four hours per day at his office.

VP Osinbajo has been praised for the leadership skills he demonstrated during Buhari’s absence, fuelling speculations he could have replaced Buhari if the latter had became incapacitated.


  1. Baba is not getting younger, age is really telling on him. God will be with you believe.

  2. Just be strong, d country needs a tough leader.

  3. A lot of money is going on dis issue of his health, who bears d cost? Nig ofcours

  4. Naa Waa ooo... May God heal you Mr President

  5. Adagiri Augustine30 March, 2017 14:03

    Good plan, The lord is ur strenght baba.

  6. Old age is already telling on him, they should allow the man to rest jor and stop stressing him with the problem of this country.

  7. Anything that suits him..

  8. Gains over weighed the expense.


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