Catholic Priest & Nigeria Islamic Cleric Embrace To Promote Peace and Love

The Catholic Church is known for working towards world peace and harmonious relationship. This is a good step in the right direction. Read below as shared by Halima:
"The kind of embrace that is much needed especially in these days of insistent hate & dislike. Father O'Connell, a Catholic Priest, in a tearful farewell embrace with Shaykh Ahmad Lemu, an Islamic Cleric, in Minna. 
Father O'Connell has served in a Government Secondary School, Minna as a Principal for 50 years. He turned 80 earlier last week or so. He returns to Ireland on retirement. 
These 2 men have between themselves, educated, positively influenced and molded many Nigerlites, including my father & mother, among other close family & friends.

May our lives be that of service and usefulness to others. Amin."


  1. these are men who truely understand there religion and faith,happy retirement..one love!

  2. Both religion really need to come together for the good of our nation Nigeria

  3. If only the world could learn to love each other then peace will reign.

  4. That is how it's supposed to be, love and unity,

  5. Let the adherents of each religion learn to keep the peace with their neighbours. Some religious leaders know how to incite their followers against believers of other religions while appearing peaceable in the public. Just like the political leaders, who will incite their followers to violence and go ahead to embrace themselves (opposing political leaders) at other occasions, and loot the treasury dry to the detriment of their so-called followers. People need to be enlightened.

  6. Oladimeji Seun09 March, 2017 11:36

    That is great, i like the unity.

  7. Sir OLUFAMOUS, I'm crying now...... I knew Father O'Connell to be great man. He taught many great people in Nigeria today in that school

  8. Hassan Aderemi09 March, 2017 19:16

    In united we stand, in divided we fall.

  9. Oh!... You will be missed Father O'Connell...

    That leaves me with a question about Nigerian past leaders....

    Olu, don't they retire?...


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