Dino Melaye In More Troubles: Another university denies him

London School Of Economics Debunks Dino Melaye's Degree Claim
Just hours after he threatened to sue for N5billion, the fiasco over Senator Dino Melaye’s claims of possessing several degrees and certificates has continued to escalate as SR learned that the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has discredited Dino’s assertion that he possesses a degree from the UK university.

The university stated that it had absolutely no evidence that Dino Melaye received any formal education at the reputable university. LSE, which is based in London, is one of the higher institutions of learning where Mr. Melaye claimed that he had earned one certificate or another.

In a mail to SR, Candy Gibson, a Senior Media Relations Officer at LSE, stated, “We have checked our records and can find no evidence of Dino Melaye having any degree qualification from the London School of Economics and Political Science.”

Dino, who runs no known form of business but flaunts his material possessions, especially such expensive automobiles as Bentley and Lamborghini, had claimed that he obtained seven degrees from several institutions, including Harvard and LSE. 

Under scrutiny, SR said Dino's academic claims have been exposed as bogus after a colleague of his, Ali Ndume, urged the legislative body last Tuesday to probe Dino educational records.
On various sites, including the official Senate online page as well as such social media forums as LinkedIn and Twitter, Dino claimed that his educational profile includes degrees from seven universities. He created the impression that he earned three degrees from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) in Zaria, his first university where he purportedly graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography. Among his discredited or questionable academic claims are the assertion that he studied at the University of Abuja for a Masters in Policy Analysis, and received degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Harvard University and a post-graduate degree from the University of Jos.

According to SR, it has been confirmed that at least two of Dino's claims are outright falsehoods. 


  1. Dino you are embarassing yourself and okun people..the schools you are bragging about that you graduated from are not forthcoming with evidence of your claims so why not just keep quiet since na fake..na wa o

  2. Nobody wants to get entangled in the mess

  3. Ghen Ghen, expecting more exposures. Olu you are on point

  4. Tough talker but lacking in content.

  5. Hassan Aderemi24 March, 2017 09:01

    Hope ABU can do exactly what LSE just did by authenticate or disclaim the awarding of degree to Senator Dino Melaye, then we will know who is lying.

  6. The truth will soon come out

  7. Why Dino is in blue short while others are in other colors.
    Is it a photoshop or he is not obeying constituted authority.
    I am laughing with CGC boss. Mtchew

  8. Oladimeji Seun24 March, 2017 09:57

    Who knows maybe all the school he claim that he attended is fake.

  9. Liar liar! Claiming to go to school wey hin no go..

  10. Politicians can go extra mile.


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