Father Arrested For Sleeping With His Teenage Daughters

A 42-year-old plumber, Idowu Lasisi, has been arrested by the police in Lagos State for allegedly molesting two of his daughters s*xually.

The victims are a 15-year-old Senior Secondary School 1 pupil and a 19-year-old. The girls lived with their father in the Ketu area of the state.

Sometime in 2015, Lasisi allegedly r*ped the elder sister, who fled home after the incident.

The mother was also said to have separated with the plumber because of the incident and relocated, leaving the pupil and her 10-year-old sister in Lasisi’s care.

Lasisi, who was arrested on Wednesday after the victim raised the alarm, started having s*x with the pupil last year.

A police source at the Lagos State Police Command, where the suspect was transferred to, disclosed to Punch that the victim said Lasisi gave her N500 each time he had s*x with her.

“The girl is currently at the Mirabel Centre for medical tests. She said her father had had s*x with her three times and that she tried to resist it. He gave her N500 each time he had s*x with her.

“Her mother fled home two years ago when he r*ped the girl’s elder sister. The whereabouts of the other victim had yet to be known.

“But the suspect is still denying that he r*ped them even though his daughter insisted he did.”

Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, on Thursday at the command’s headquarters in Ikeja, confirmed Lasisi’s arrest, adding that the two cases were being investigated.

“The suspect was arrested for defiling his daughters. The elder one ran away and he continued to serially molest the younger one. The suspect will be paraded after the completion of investigation.”


  1. Wicked father. How can a father rape his own daughters, the world is turning into something else. He must pay for his crimes.

  2. this dude is really sick,!!! they should take him faraway from those kids cuz he has just cut there bond

  3. The dude needs to visit pyschartirist hospital maybe he is not normal. if not no sensible man will do that to his own children

  4. Oladimeji Seun17 March, 2017 11:25

    He is truely sick.

  5. Demented man! He isn't worth to b called a father..

  6. The mother need to be charged for neglect and conspiracy.

  7. Dis kind of men should b burnt

  8. Hassan Aderemi17 March, 2017 20:54


  9. They should also blame the mother for leaving behind her remaining two daughther with their stupid father after what he did to the eldest one


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