Former Prostitute Repents, Weds In Church (Photo)

Mrs Joy Francis (real name withheld), an Enugu born orphan and one of the OPM Diobu converted s*x worker has again joined the league of married women in OPM. Taking her marital vow at the GRA branch of OPM church, the bride expressed her joy over what God used His servant to accomplish in her life.

Speaking about her life's experience, she said;

'I got involved in prosti-tution after the death of my mother in 2012. I am an orphan, my father died in 2007, I came from a polygamous home and could not continue my education after dropping out in my secondary school. As my last option, I took the choice of engaging in a full time prosti-tution to help myself. Consequently, I was admitted into a brothel in Diobu where certain rituals are made through shaving of hair from all the sensitive part of your body to be deposited with the owner of the brothel. I could not find any pleasure in the business as several ugly incidents kept occuring in the brothel..."

Speaking further, the bride said... 'As I was believing God for a saviour to meet me was when Daddy OPM visited our brothel... He promised to give us house, set up businesses for us, change our lives and also to sponsor the traditional and white wedding of any of us who truly accept Christ and repent from our dirty ways, a rare opportunity I have been looking for...

'Today, those promises were made possible in my life, I am now wedded to a husband of my choice, the church has graciously provided another accommodation for us, set up business for me and God has changed my life for better'.

While praying to God to continue to bless Daddy OPM and the members of the church who through their tithes and offerings made her life worth living, she vowed to serve God all her life. She vowed never to return to her dirty life anymore.


  1. Replies
    1. I wish more churches would do this openly.

  2. Oladimeji Seun13 March, 2017 15:07

    That is a good development for her, happy married life.

  3. Good for her God bless the pastor ooo .

  4. God be praised! what she never really wanted to do if not for condition God took her out of it and wiped a way her tears and put joy in her heart..am happy for all the converted prostitutes..God bless daddy OPM and continue to use him do good works for his people

  5. No saint without a past and no sinner without a future, repent and be baptise in the holy ghost.

  6. Congrat to her and God bless the man of God who made this possible

  7. I wish her luck in her new life. Happy married life

  8. That is good so go and sin no more.

  9. Hassan Aderemi13 March, 2017 17:49

    Repent & sin no more, congratulations.

  10. Tnk God 4 her..

  11. This is good news. God bless her soul and bless your servant who graciously lifted her up. Amen.


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