Governor Ayade Locks Out SSG, Others For Coming Late

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State today locked out the Secretary to the State Government, Barrister Tina Agbor and other staff of Government House, Calabar.

The governor arrived office before 7:30am this morning only to find his entrance locked and when it was eventually opened moments later, he directed that all entrances be locked and no one allowed to come in while he watched on CCTV, what was happening.

According to report, his deputy, Prof. Ivara Esu arrived a few minutes past 8am and was allowed in without hesitation. Civil servants, security aides and other appointees were kept out by stern looking security operatives in the Governor’s convoy.

The gates were however opened at 9:00a m with some staff allowed to go in while those who came after were left to remain standing outside.


  1. wow..true disciplined leader to the letter,time to sit up and lead by example

  2. Trouble await them. Late coming deduction next

  3. Very good, people must learn to be discipline when it comes to their job

  4. Leadership by example. That's good for them.

  5. Wow....
    Bringing sanity to his office...

  6. Punctuality I I soul of a businesses.

  7. Hassan Aderemi29 March, 2017 15:09

    Hope His excellence himself used to come early because if he only come early today & locked people outside that's not good enough. Though people needs to be put on their toes, most especially the late comers that take passion in coming late to office without any cogent reasons or justification.

  8. I like it
    Time is wealth waste it not

  9. Oladimeji Seun29 March, 2017 19:15

    Good signal to decipline.


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