House Belonging to Kidnappers, Terrorists & Armed Robbers Demolished in Kogi

A one-storey building in Okene, identified as the hideouts of kidnappers and armed robbers has been demolished by the Kogi State government.

The house was said to be owned by a kidnap kingpin, Tijani Abubakar.

The state government also demolished a mosque owned by a suspected terrorist group.

The demolition of the buildings, supervised by Governor Yahaya Bello, was in line with the state’s law on terrorism.

The building belonging to Abubakar at Oyunkoko Ward in Okene Local Government was the first to be demolished at about 2:30pm.

The mosque belonging to the notorious Ahlul-Sunnah in Inike, also in Okene, was demolished later.

The mosque was said to have been hijacked by the notorious terrorists group, Boko Haram in 2015 and had been serving as their operational base.

The buildings were identified by the Military Joint Task Force which recently arrested some 17 robbery, kidnap and terrorism suspects.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Wilson Inalegwu and heads of other security agencies, accompanied the governor during the demolition.

The state has lined up other buildings identified as criminals’ hideouts in the state for demolition.

The Police boss said. “This is a strong message to kidnappers and hoodlums that they must change their ways. They should work hard and earn a decent living. We want to make Kogi safe so that those living here or travelling through will not have fear of being kidnapped."


  1. a very good move..its really becoming a nightmare im okene and evirons over there nefarious activities..inike was actually where i grew up and my dads house located there offlate it takes a brave person to enter that area and many more well known criminal dens in the area after there deadly fight in 2015.a very good move i like that the governor made with the security operatives

  2. Very good no hiding place for criminals

  3. Hassan Aderemi16 March, 2017 12:37

    It should not stop at demolition of their properties, government should equally ensure the sponsorers & their partners in crime are arrested

  4. Good it will serve as deterrent to others .

  5. That's a good one

  6. Very good, kogis state governor is working to ensure security in the state

  7. Nice one.no hiding place for d wicked

  8. Why demolish it nah...

    Waste of resources...

    God give us wisdom...

  9. That's very good... It's a beginning of a new dawn in Kogi state

  10. Good job,pls keep up d good work.


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