How to Raise 6.3BTC or N3.1Million Within 3 Months or Less

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Global financial experts revealed that the fastest and easiest way to raise a very huge amount of funds for business startups, education, building, wedding or any kind of project is by “Crowd Funding”.

According to CrowdSourcing.org; Global crowd funding in 2014 expanded by 167percent, reaching $16.2 billion in contributions, up from $6.1 billion in 2013. The number is now over $40 billion today i.e almost N20 trillion! Local crowd funding is popularly known as Adache or Esusu in different parts of Nigeria.

Unfortunately, many people who embrace this model with passion have burnt their fingers on Gambling and Ponzi Schemes in disguise as crowd funding. Some platforms are bundled with challenges like level expiration or missing donations, making the members to be stagnant and confused while counting loss.

Many of us want to spend our precious time and hard earned money pursuing a simple and realistic dream, one that can be achieved within the shortest possible time and with little or no effort.
Today, we now have ZmcTeam (Prelaunch), working to achieve a common dream. 

www.zmcteam.net is a very simple, transparent, innovative, realistic, affordable and lucrative combination.

Zmcteam.net is all about team work! Members join and build teams, they invest in Bitcoin mining or contribute a one time out of the pocket meager sum of 0.02 BTC or N10,000 to each other’s project and then move up through 4 stages until they receive a total sum of 6.3BTC or N3.1 Million within 3months.

In ZmcTeam, you will automatically become an Admin at level 2. The platform is 100% transparent and scam free. No central account, no missing donation, no level expiration, no monthly renewals etc.

- Email your contact details to; “zmcguide@bitcoininvestors.info” to get a free copy of the business guide plus other bonuses delivered to your inbox as soon as possible.

- For maximum benefits and support, ensure you join using our unique team rotator link.
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