"I Am Not Dead"; Man Whose Alleged Death Escalated The Ile-Ife Crisis (photos)

There's no need to fight and kill each other over disagreements, especially as we are one Nigeria.

One of the alleged reasons the Hausa-Yoruba clash in Ile-Ife, Osun state, degenerated into a big issue was the reported killing of a vulcaniser in the community by some Hausa men.

The man identified as Mukaila, works just beside the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) park close to the filling station in the community, and was said to have been killed before the crisis escalated. But the said man is alive.

During a visit by NAIJ's team to the community on Saturday, March 18, some aggrieved Hausa residents practically dragged them to the vulcaniser's spot beside the road and were almost conducting the interview on his behalf.

They had a chat with the man to find out what happened.

When questioned, Mukaila said there was never a time he was at risk of being lynched by Hausas.

As a matter of fact, he said he had fled his place of work since the same day the crisis escalated and only returned on Friday, March 17.

"I was hearing reports from different quarters that I was dead and that the Hausas killed me during the crisis. I thank God that I am alive. I was not even attacked by anybody during the crisis. I only left because I work close to the place where the incident was really tough," he said.


  1. Innocent people just die for noting

  2. hMM!!! Another one again. The other day was sarkodie now another rumore dropping abput someone still alive. Wonders everyday

  3. Hassan Aderemi20 March, 2017 17:49

    Thank God he's alive, how does it take him so long to surface before the rumour of his death escalated crisis? He ought to have come out since, perhaps issues would have been resolved.

  4. Thank God he speak out... This will definitely calm the crises

  5. Why killing ourselves ....wrong information killing is not the best way to solve issues

  6. Why killing ourselves ....wrong information killing is not the best way to solve issues

  7. Wrong information just dey mislead people..

  8. A rumour can be so crazy to kill souls & bring panic to human. So, be warned & advised.

  9. Thank God for his life...

    Hope such doesn't emanate again...

  10. Guy you have to change your name to kokumo.may everyone embrace peace ooo


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