Keep Calm, Buhari Will Take Us to Promised Land – Adesina

President Muhammadu Buhari is fulfilling his campaign promises to Nigerians, particularly in stimulating the economy for job creation, anti-corruption campaign and security.

Addressing a delegation of Northern Youths Initiative for Peace and Good Governance on Tuesday in Abuja, the Special Adviser to the President (Media and Publicity), Femi Adesina, urged Nigerians to keep faith with the administration’s commitment to take 'Nigeria to the Promised Land'.

He said, "I am glad that majority of Nigerians are still with President Buhari.

"The excitement and jubilation, around the country, that greeted his return to Nigeria recently is a clear testimony of the love, confidence and belief, which Nigerians have in his leadership.

"We are witnessing a positive turn around in the economy, agriculture, the fight against corruption, job creation and I am very confident that President Buhari will lead Nigeria to the Promised Land before the mandate given to him by Nigerians lapses in 2019,’’ Adesina said.


  1. Hassan Aderemi22 March, 2017 06:15

    Action speaks louder than voice, we are seeing the government is retrieving stolen funds & impounding the illegal acquired properties yet they still went ahead to borrowed money to run the government, talking-talking & promise- promise all the time.

  2. Oladimeji Seun22 March, 2017 06:29

    Lets hope so.

  3. Even if we didn't get to the promise land during his tenure but am sure it will not be too far again to navigate be the baba is done.

  4. we hear you..lets watch and see

  5. All is well...

    Better Nigeria I pray...

  6. I hope so, we are still watching

  7. Mr.Adeshina this journey is endless, when do we get there? We are tired of empty promises and all manner of lies especial from all of you (President Buhari's aides). Say something else, please

  8. I so dislike this media mugu called Femi, even as people are suffering u still Praise ur boss. No be ur fault, I pray soon u experience same suffering. Just soon

  9. That's if we survive the hell he's giving us.


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