Landlady Arrested Over Male Tenant’s Death

A landlady simply identified as Alhaja Yusuf has been arrested for the death of her tenant, Charles Enokela, popularly called Pketimi.
The 67-year-old woman was arrested with her son Akeem Yusuf following Enokela’s death from a head injury.

The late Enokela, an Okada rider from Benue State, was said to have fallen out with his landlady for allegedly drinking and keeping late nights.

Alhaja Yusuf, it was learnt, served him a quit notice after his rent lapsed in December last year.

The late Enokela’s relation, Ikwuoche said the landlady had threatened to kill him if he did not vacate the house.

He said: “Pketimi told me that he got a house at Igando and needed only next week to stay at that house. He told me that the children of Alhaja Yusuf said he must leave their house alive or die. Look at what this woman did to us.”

A witness who didn’t want his name mentioned said the late Enokela told him that the landlady’s son, a police officer threatened to deal with him and lock him up in cell, and “could cover up anything that happened.”

Neighbours and some of his colleagues described the late Enokela as “a friendly man”.

“Pketimi is a hardworking man and hardly fights people. He can give you anything if he has it. We will miss him very much,” said an Okada rider.

His body has being deposited at the Mainland General Hospital Morgue.

The police are investigating the case.


  1. Police look in the matter, I can sense that the man was intentionally killed.

  2. Hmmmmmm what a loss, rest in peace

  3. This is serious. Lagos landlords need to change their attitudes towards their tenants

  4. This is an act of power intoxication from the landlady and her son. They should face the wrath of the law regardless of her age sef.

  5. Do Alhaja and her son beat or fight with late guy?
    Do Police see any trace of bruises on the body before arresting them?
    police will arrest first and then start investigation which is wrongdoing

    1. Head injury, read well.

  6. Who knows d cause if his death, always be mindful of ur utterances

  7. The case should thoroughly investigated

  8. Dis is bad, killing him is nt d solution

  9. nonsense..deal with both him and his mother for this cold blooded murder..mehn they are evil..ended and innocent life when all could have ended in peace

  10. Oladimeji Seun09 March, 2017 18:10

    So sad.

  11. What a wicked world

  12. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace....

    God's will be done...

  13. So sad, may his soul rest in peace.

  14. This requires serious investigation from the police to know what led to his death


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