Iyanya Talks About Affair With Yvonne Nelson, Their First S*x

I think this is not necessary; it's bad enough that you slept with a lady you were not planning to marry. So why do you need to give details of your bedroom escapades in the media?

Anyway, singer Iyanya has revealed that he is yet to get over his former girlfriend, Yvonne Nelson, after their much-publicised break-up about 4 years ago.

Iyanya said he broke up with her to enable him concentrate on his music career. His words:

"We broke up because we hardly had time for each other. I was hustling and I would do four shows in a day and I will make two million. So, I won’t say because I was in love with a woman I’m going to see money and I’m going to lay back."

He said he missed her terribly and was yet to get over her. “It’s not easy losing a great and Beautiful woman like Yvonne. She was everything I have at that moment until I lose her."

However, he said he had done his best to move on.

Iyanya also revealed that what he missed most about Yvonne was her attitude during love-making and her constant messages and calls to him.

“Like our first day in bed... she was like ‘Oh Yeah baby, I really love it’ and her late night and early morning messages and calls. I miss everything about her,” he said.

Recalled that in an interview with Toolz on The Juice, Yvonne said Iyanya used and dumped her.

“Iyanya was very special and we had a thing but I guessed it was all a joke he had it all planned out. He knew what he was looking for and I guess he got it.”


  1. Dis is serious,go back if u want her

  2. He should tryna get her back, dts if she hasn't moved on..

  3. Crying over spilt milk. All these are uncalled for.

  4. My waist x2 all I want is my waist. Vuvuze master

  5. Hope others learn from this two

  6. Celebrity or yeyebrity, when fame and wealth come in a rush but maturity is on a snail pace, that's what you get

  7. Hassan Aderemi31 March, 2017 19:39

    This guy spoilt the story towards the tail end, where he started revealing what two of them have done on the bed. It shows lack of maturity.

  8. Your sex life should be your private life and not exposing them to the public, so you want us to know that you have PHD in lovemaking. Abeg who that one epp


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