LOL! Man Getting Married to 2 Ladies at Once in Delta State

Because there's wide media coverage in Lagos, some ladies are fast to talk bad about men in Lagos in the guise that men from their own states are better. Have you seen a young man marrying two wives at once in Lagos before? But go to some parts of the East and South South you will know that Lagos men are even more cool headed when it comes to marriage. Lolz!

For obvious reasons, this wedding banner has gone viral online. It shows a young man who's set to get married to two women at once in Isoko South area of Delta state.

Some say there was peace, especially in Africa, when men used to marry as much as they can take care of. All these stories of cheating, renting a house for girlfriend without your wife's knowing and even contacting infection and taking it back to your wife were not there.

No wonder a Catholic Priest in Nasarawa state said Christians should add their tradition to religion.