Magu: Buhari has lost control of his government; ex-leaders

By allowing the DSS to undermine him in his quest to make Ibrahim Magu substantive chairman of the EFCC, President Muhammadu Buhari has lost control of his government and should consider overhauling his administration, two former Nigerian leaders have said.

In separate interviews with Premium Times on Wednesday, the former commanders-in-chief, who spoke on strict anonymity, said Buhari should be worried about the direction of his administration.

“I strongly reject the notion that Buhari is helpless in his own cabinet,” one of the former leaders said. “I would never have allowed such humiliating insubordination in my administration. It was unthinkable that my own appointee would oppose my nominee at the National Assembly. No one could have tried that with me. He or she would have paid dearly for it.”

What happened showed clearly that Buhari is not in charge.”

The second former minister said what happened in the Magu case was “entirely inconceivable in a presidential system anywhere in the world.”

In a painful effort to make sense of the development and convey his “rude shock”, the former leader said Buhari might actually be the one behind the “repeated humiliation of his own nominee”.

Unless he [Buhari] is the one behind the whole controversy by deliberately double-dealing with his own nominee and other subordinates, there’s no way I would have thought a situation like this will play out as someone who had been privileged to hold that position.

“As far as I am concerned, things seem to have fallen apart. It is also possible that he has never been in control. It is very unfortunate.”

Weighing in further on the controversy, one of the former leaders said the intrigues were a clear indication the president had lost grip of his government.

“For me, it’s clearly disrespectful,” another former commander-in-chief said. “His (Buhari’s) appointees are hostile towards him and I think that’s not something we see regularly in governments across the world.”

The former leader said “not a single one” of his appointees ever made any attempt that could “remotely be deemed an act of insubordination.”

“Never did any of my appointees even tried to override a decision that had been concluded.”

One former president said that heads should roll if Buhari must regain control of his government.


  1. I sincerely agreed with all of them

  2. kpakam they just hit the nail on the head..either he has lost grip of his government or he is playing double game.if he wants to make any headway he should do the right thing now

  3. The president has not utter a word regarding to nomination issue. Senate decides, if they insist that magu should be replaced based on integrity test, yes it's not humiliation . The are many who is willing to perform more than magu. When Ribadu was there he was rated high and at the end what happened? He was rusticated and Mr's Wasiri takes over.

  4. So sad President Buhari has lost the control of power to the cabals & senators. They are the one controlling his govt.

  5. Am a buhari man but in this case I agree with them,if were the president heads will row this morning am very angry

  6. I totally agree

  7. Oladimeji Seun16 March, 2017 10:21

    I agree too.

  8. Na now u knw! Its a common knowledge already..

  9. The first time Magu's name was sent to the national assembly and was rejected by the law makers on the ground of indictment by DSS, one would have thought that the presidency should've done the needful so long the DSS is under the executive. With the current rejection once again by the law makers on the same ground of integrity issue raised by DSS shows that the presidency has lost grip of the government.
    It is rather absurd that the DSS which is being controlled by the executive will have the effrontery to reject the presidency nominee for the office of EFCC chairman twice.
    The pertinent question we should ask ourselves at this moment is,Why are the law makers and DSS afraid of Magu? Your guess is good as mine.

  10. I agree with their opinion.


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