Man Withdraws Support for Apostle Suleman After Alleged New Evidence

Wahala dey oh! Apostle Johnson Suleman really needs God's intervention in his affairs; either the allegations against him are true or not. One of those who defended him initially, has come out to say he has new evidence against the pastor and as such he's withdrawing his support.

Lagos based author, Julius Michael has retracted his support for Apostle Suleman. He wrote:
"This is to withdraw my statement of support towards Apostle John Suleiman of Omega Church Ministry which is dated on the 6th of March, this month as against the claims of Ms Stephanie Otodo.

I have personally received a classify information about ungoldly activities of the said Mr Suleiman from a reliable source and how he partronise their hotel with one or two girls...

It has been a battle of conscience since three days ago whether to post this or not, but, as someone who likes to always say the truth no matter whose ox is gored, it's on this note, I retract my innitial statement of support and solidarity - having been cleared to me that I gooved in my claims as a mortal man.

It is my prayer that God in His infinity mercy will broken the heart of [Apostle] Suleiman and make him a born again Christian. If you love him, pray for him."

I hope all these eventually end well and all parties make amends where necessary.


  1. Oladimeji Seun12 March, 2017 20:13

    I have been saying it that time will tell on this issue. lets all wait and see.

    1. This kind author wey no sabi write English, hmm! All this na part of the setup. "Side him the reverse and bring him down". Wrestlemania tag team.

  2. Fingers crossed....

    God have mercy on us...

  3. Hassan Aderemi12 March, 2017 20:42

    Sooner or later truth shall prevail.

  4. this na serious real twisted issue..no be small thing

  5. Its a frame up. Let's just pray that God keep us from evil men

  6. D truth is gradually coming out

  7. This is Things Fall Apart

  8. Soon or later truth will come out

  9. Interesting, but I reserve my comment.

  10. As a christian I do know we are not allowed to judge men of God .... but there is notin wrong in checking out the facts of these allegations of not for anything but to help people know the truth and be careful . This is not for Stephanie or Esther or many that has been manipulated by tho man (if indeed it is the truth) .... but to prevent others from falling into the same tin ... the authorities should rise to these claims and do necessary investigations.....

  11. Let's be calm, God will intervene

  12. Truth can't be hidden forever..

  13. if all the ladies should come out to speak the wife will collapse. a lady in London first told us her personal nakedness with this evil man weeks b4 Stephanie but we taught she wanted to show she is popular until Stephanie case came out. The person I know is married now she will not come publicly. she described his Pp.
    I will advice his wife to just don't talk anymore. I know you are trying to protect your fimily but your hubby has done or committed a lot of shameful atrocities. pray for him in a corner.


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