Mummy OluFamous Daughter Set To Wed Her Sweetheart... see lovely pre-wedding photos

I told you all about a grandma [Mummy OluFamous] who reads OluFamous.Com all the time and was part of Bonus Winners in January. Well, her pretty daughter Mariam is set to wed her handsome fiance, Prince Maroof Adetola Afolabi, son of Oba Olojoku of Ojoku land in Kwara State.

Mariam has Masters in Oil & Gas in the UK, but is back home and a professional fashion designer [she runs Manana Signatures].

Her wedding is on 15th April in Ilorin, where her mom his based. See more beautiful pics...

Photography by Klala Photography
Grooms outfit by manana signatures
Brides outfit by zephansandco
Bride's white dress by manana signatures
Daviva sweatshirt by squeeziebizzie

We wish the couple a blissful journey to matrimony!