My Neighbour's Wife Insulting Him Because He Lost His Job

As shared by the couple's neighbour online...
I have a neighbor married with 3 kids. Like due to the economic hardship the husband was badly affected, couldn't pay rent, and provide adequately, school fees and feeding (I got to know through their daily heated argument). 
For almost a month now the wife has constantly been berating, abusing and cursing the husband on a daily basis every morning.

Telling him she's packing out and living the children. Fast forward to this morning. I started gearing noise around 7:30am. I though it was the daily argument session. Until the first born started screaming. I opened my door and lo and behold...
I saw heaps of luggages by the door (the husband had packed all the wife loads outside) I asked the screaming girl what's wrong. She said I should please enter their room, I was cautious till I'm sure they weren't unclad, I opened the door slightly and I saw the husband and wife in a serious fight. The husband was holding the wife's neck about to snuff life out of her. 
With God's grace and strength I was able to separate them. They stopped fighting but continued arguing. I entered my room without uttering a word to them. Now the issue is from my experience about there issue the husband said the wife won't be entering his house again. The wife said she's moving out without the kids, the husband said if so he will take the 3 children to Ijebu and use them for money rituals. 
Who knows how this couple can ever be able to resolve their issues?