Notorious Bank Fraudster Who Has Been On The Run Finally Arrested

Men of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the Lagos Police Command have arrested the ring leader and architect of several bank frauds in the state. 

The fraudster identified as Ajisafe Olugbenga, 47, who hails from Osun State was alleged to be the mastermind of several bank frauds in Lagos.

Ajisafe, an ex-banker popularly known as Harrison among his gang, was arrested yesterday after being mentioned as the initiator of SIMs swap deal at a network provider’s outlet in Surulere, Lagos and Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Ajisafe had, before his arrest, been on the run over his involvement in a N2 million fraud in one of the old generation banks in Lagos sometime in April 2016.

The suspect, who is regarded as the chief player in bank frauds, was alleged to have a vast network with insiders in banks. He was also alleged to have exploited his vast network with insiders in banks to procure bank details of high networth customers and then use such information to perpetrate the fraud.

According to sources, the gang blocks or swaps SIMs of bank customer they want to strike, so that they would not receive the transaction alert, as money are withdrawn from their accounts in tranches.

Ajisafe latest offence was the recruitment of three suspects through which some SIM cards belonging to a particular network (name withheld) were being swapped and used for bank fraud.

Two of the suspects recruited by Ajisafe, Shamsudeen Olalekan and Nicholas Egbele, were arrested a few days before Ajisafe was picked up yesterday.

Also arrested with them was a staff of a popular network provider in an outlet in Abeokuta, who was assisting the gang in SIM swap, while another collaborator is on the run.


  1. its always an inside job..making a living of othets people sweat..people get mind sha

  2. The end of the road, die well

  3. Oladimeji Seun21 March, 2017 14:03

    I greet the Nigeria police for hard work done so far. all this frudster will continue to see the wrapt of God.

  4. Leave dis people alone and concentrate on Saraki and his demonic group that makes Nigeria so difficult for the citizens to live in. God go ponish am wit him generation in IJN AMEN

  5. Kudos to the police let him rot in jail

  6. everyday for d thief one day for d owner

  7. Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner

  8. Lucky for him...

    He shall now dance to the tune he crafted out for himself...

  9. Kudos to police for his apprehension.


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