PDP Has Lost Focus, In Total Confusion – Bode George

A founding father of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Bode George, has declared that the troubled opposition party had lost focus.

A statement by George, who is a member of the party’s Board of Trustees, said the party was precariously placed at the ‘cliff of disaster’.

He said, “As I see it from my own personal prism as one of the leaders of our great party, we have lost the focus and the vision that once earned us high praise.

“There is confusion everywhere. There is no semblance of clarity anymore. There is no visible and acceptable guiding momentum to move us beyond the cliff of disaster.

“It is as if we are all frozen in a grand confusion and imperiled by our own collective contributions to the present crisis.”

Urging the leaders and supporters of the party to stand firm and be counted on the path of justice, George said it was high time stakeholders in the party took redemptive steps to salvage the party.

“There are too many appealing choices. But we must stand up firm and fast. We must make a stand to confront the many maladies now confronting our party. We must be counted to be on the righteous and the redeeming side of history. We must take the hard and the most enduring choice.

“We must never shy away from the bitter truth. We must talk to one another with sincerity of purpose and with constant purity of focus. There are no pretenses anymore,” he said.

George, who was also a national vice-chairman of the party, said the party must retrace its steps by ensuring discipline and unity among members.

He said, “We have derailed in a mournful way from the guidance, the nuance and the formative directions of our founding fathers. We have upturned and disturbed the normal building blocks and the structures of an orderly organisation.”


  1. Oladimeji Seun23 March, 2017 06:33

    I don hear o.

  2. Shey u see Mr Olu, Its one of those things in life & politics. When u have made out so many lies to ur people, you'll end up in confusion.

  3. He is right... They have to make a stand to confront the many maladies confronting our party as a matter of urgency

  4. That's not true, PDP is not in a state of total confusion, PDP is dead, like seriously dead

  5. True talk I agree with you.PDP needs serious restructuring in other to become giant opposition party

  6. Ook. Everybody now has something to say about how the politics should be played.

  7. i hope they listen to him as a founding father of the party

  8. Na una sabi..

  9. He has said it all

  10. Thank God you knew that, so better look for living party.

  11. Are you telling us to do what...


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