Police nab ex-SSS official who ‘stole’ N310m belonging to Saraki

Polive have arrested a former operative of the State Security Service who was dismissed from the service over his alleged robbery of a bureau de change operator.

Abdulrasheed Maigari, 35, was arrested in Abuja by police anti-kidnap squad in a surveillance operation conducted between March 26 and 28.

Mr. Maigari, a native of Taraba State, was arrested alongside 10 other suspected criminals for allegedly kidnapping Issa Salami, a former General Manager of Peugeot Automobile Nigeria.

The other suspects as identified in a statement released by police spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood, are: Kelvin Emeka, 28, from Owgu LGA in Enugu State; Ndubusi Prince Ozor, 31, from Nsukwato LGA Abia State; Sunday Travnor, 33, from Ovi LGA in Nasarawa State and Zayor Alfred 23, from Obi LGA of Nasarawa State

The remaining suspects are: Avah Joseph, 25, from Ogbadibo LGA in Benue State; Gabriel Friday, 33, from Ogbadibo LGA Benue State; Rajab Baba Ishiaka, 22, from Wukari LGA Taraba State; Ali Sani, 27, from Takum LGA Taraba State; Nuhu Sule, 20, from Takum LGA Taraba State and Mohammed Abubakar, 21, Mokwa LGA of Niger State.

The police said the suspects were identified by their victims.

“They also confessed to the crime admitting to the various roles they played in the commission of various kidnappings, armed robberies and other violent crimes linked to them,” Mr. Moshood, a chief superintendent of police, said.

In December 2015, the State Security Service announced the arrest of its personnel, including Mr. Maigari, who allegedly robbed a bureau de change operator in Abuja of N310 million.

But the secret police was silent on the identity of the victim.

SR later identified Bukola Saraki as the owner of the huge sum and detailed how the Senate President allegedly engaged the service of a money changer, Abubakar Dantani, to help move the money to his house.

Mr. Maigari and his colleagues in the SSS allegedly robbed a van bearing the N310 million cash as it was about driving into Saraki’s residence in Abuja.

But Saraki denied ownership of the fund at the time.

The police said the robbery case was still pending in court, but Mr. Maigari was granted bail.

He allegedly joined another gang that had terrorised people in Abuja metropolis within the last few months until he was arrested this week in connection with Mr. Salami’s kidnap.

The police said the following arms and ammunition were recovered from the suspects: One AK 47 rifle, three AK 47 magazines, ninety rounds of 7.62mm live ammunition, two pistols, fourteen rounds of 9mm live ammunition.

Two bedroom apartments used by the suspects at different locations in Suleija, near Abuja, were also recovered and will be used as exhibit, the police said.

CSP Moshood said Mr. Maigari and other suspects will be charged to court upon completion of investigation.


  1. to think he is in the service to catch criminals and he is now behaving like one and abetting them,so prosecute him sharply

  2. Hassan Aderemi29 March, 2017 20:50

    Kudos to police for the good job well done, we hope they can join hands with EFCC to nab the politicians be it senators, executives, judges or public office holders that have looted Nigeria's money.

  3. He his using his sss tactics to defraud people. He is a bad egg to the society.

  4. Kudos to the policemen
    For Saraki issue ole GBE ole gba

  5. So saraki has dis a mouth of money

    1. Saraki stole the money from nigeria too

  6. Stealing is bad but any amount of money stolen from saraki is not stealing, to me its taken possession of what is rightly yours.


    I decree and declare violent confusion and bloody disagreement in the camp of the enemies of Nigeria in Jesus name.

    May everyone on a mission to destroy the glorious future of innocent Nigerians never have peace and joy in Jesus name.

    Beginning from now, people using our national destiny to fly kite shall never know what they are doing to themselves until they clean up the battered system by consuming one another in Jesus name.

    Those who sought for and got power and leadership to advance selfish interest shall end up using their power and stolen fund against themselves in Jesus name.

    Nigeria shall win in every sphere and those working against collective success shall bury their heads in shame in Jesus name.

    If you are well meaning and well doing and patriotic and just and incorruptible; may you never suffer for the consequences of the wickedness of the wicked in Jesus name.

    May the spirit of righteousness take over all Nigerians so much every Nigerian will expressly lose appetite for mediocrity, indiscipline, bribery, examination malpractices, yahoo yahoo, kidnapping, theft/robbery, land grabbing, piracy, ritual murder, corruption, tribalism, religion excesses, invasion, terrorism, propaganda, lack of creativity and all evil practices in Jesus name.

    May all Nigerians begin to think and do all that is right, pure, good, holy, noble, lovely, beneficial, necessary, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy so much they become exemplary to foreigners in Jesus name.

    Nigeria is delivered from past, present and future unprofitable alliance, merger and union in Jesus name.

    Nigeria shall no longer run out of just and fair people so that a just and fair government will always be a possibility and reality in Jesus name.

    May you eat the best of the land in as much you are praying and working for the good of all Nigerians at home and abroad in Jesus name.

    _Stepehen Olamilekan Jimoh
    Advance Everyday
    ...living life at best

  8. @olufamours,this blog is one of the best blogs.people that use to drop comments here are just wonderful, compare to some of all this blogs that are full of abusive comments and all that.this is are matured and educating comments.

  9. Well done, so saraki is now a thief hmmmmm

  10. Money wey dem self thief n dem dey lay claim to..


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