Redeemed Church Woman Rescued From Killing Herself In Lagos Lagoon... reveals her problems

The touching story of Madam Taiwo Momoh, a mother who almost jumped into the Lagoon...

"As you are seeing me like this, well dressed, you would think am living fine. But in my heart is a heavy burden. A burden of huge debt, disappointment from trusting people and abandoned by a son I love and bought a car for. I am a moving corpse".

Shortly after the report of Mrs. Abigael Ogunyinka who was rescued by fishermen in Lagos Lagoon early Friday morning, another woman was today prevented at about 11:25 a.m from leaping into the Lagoon by the operatives of the Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos state Police Command.

The lady, Taiwo Momoh, 58, a textile dealer in Lagos Island, had put off her shoes and was wrapping her dress around her when men of RRS 226 prevented her from jumping.

The lady, who lives in Lekki Lagos, disclosed that she was pushed to committing suicide in order to put an end to her constant sleeplessness and shame occasioned by her indebtedness to three Swiss textile dealers.

She noted that her problem started sometimes in 2015, when a Bureau De Change dealer carted away her N18.7 million she wanted to change to pay her foreign creditors.

She added that the creditors had given her Swiss textiles worth several millions of naira, noting that she has maintained good relationship with the creditors for more than 15 years.

Her condition she said became compounded when robbers invaded her shop in Lagos Island, carting away most of the textiles that was left with her.

She emphasized that most of the time, she has been having sleepless nights and seeing the ghosts of the creditors whenever she was alone.

Momoh, a member of the Redeemed Church, disclosed that on several occasions she had attempted to see her Parish Pastor to identify with her problem and for the church to help her raise money to meet her Swiss Creditors in order to assure them that she would pay their money.

She noted that she was only allowed to see the second in command, which has yielded no fruits.

“Added to all these, my first son, whom I felt would stand by me and console me abandoned me. By the time I’m gone, maybe he would come around and inherit what is left.

I don’t want to use my debt and death to disturb anybody. I was in the shop this morning. I have looked everywhere and estimated what is there. I think, with my house, a bungalow, those I am leaving behind can still live comfortably. I want to go and meet God. This world is empty”, she stated.

"I won’t because I want to get rich join a cult. I go my way and I don’t socialize unnecessarily."

She added, “I was a Muslim, I have because of this problem been jumping from one faith to the other. The problem is too much for me to bear. I want to go back to God.
"That is why I have dressed very simply. I am ready to meet HIM. If He cannot address my problem on earth, let me go back to Him.”

Even Oga people was shocked to hear of the woman's plight. It is well!


  1. Things people are battling with will baffle one..

  2. life is full of challenges just face them, dont be a coward and take your life!

  3. Hassan Aderemi24 March, 2017 20:57

    God will solve all your problems, keep up with your faith. Suicide is not the best option.

  4. Everybody have a lot story to tell don't just kill yourself over this problem it's too small for God to solve only you lost your hope to soon

  5. People are really going thru a lot. It is well with you ma. Suicide is not the answer.

  6. What a misfortune! Everything happened almost same time. Life is more precious than gold bcos it's only the living that can still make it. Thanks to God that she was rescued

  7. Hmmmmmmmmm people are going through a lot

  8. i pity her though i feel her pains because i have been there before but mama if she can read this..your easy way out through suicide will only make the enemy win,i say believe in God,humans have abandoned you but God in heaven will bring them around you again..your son should be left to God to deal with but please be strong for i believe you will bounce back..family members should always be around her and try help her please..

  9. Many things are happening, only God will save us.

  10. Like have always said on dis blog, suicide is not a good thing to do oooo

  11. Enter your comment...Touching

  12. Oladimeji Seun25 March, 2017 07:03

    A lot of problem in this world, let us all turn to God. Psalm 55:22

  13. For killing yourself you are the big candidate for hell fire 🔥 for murder before God so why commit such a big sin.Now America is owning Nigeria is owning even individuals that owes more than you is uncountable think well now you don't even need your general overseas or church ⛪ leaders to advise you on this.you want to go to hell fire 🔥 direct na wa for you ooo mama don't worry 😊 it's well.

  14. Oh this woman is really passing through a lot, but I still believe suicide is not the best option but getting closer to God who will never abandon you.

  15. Ma, I thank GOD you are Christian and attend a bible believing church. Do you know that the thought of taking your own life was from the pit of hell-devil. Thinking that by taking your own life qualifies you for heaven is devilish. Remember the book of Job what he went through. He lost all he had and yet he remained undaunted. He did not take or killed himself neither did he run from one church to the other. He did not run to friends and relatives but believed God throughtout his travail.Ma put your trust in GOD . The burden bearer-JESUS will turn your shame to glory. He knows what you are passing through now. Just be yourself in due time you will recover from all the loses. you will testify of God goodness in due season.AMEN

  16. Pastor Enoch Adeboye Pls help your church member

  17. She needs prayer so anybody that can assist her spiritually should contact her


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