Say What! Husband Beats Up Wife Mercilessly Just A Month After Marriage

When a man bring sweet mouth, encouraging a lady to leave her so called fiance or husband in the guise that he has money, he would treat you better, her man doesn't deserve you, bla bla bla... most times the new man is just desperate to have access to her body.

You may end up discovering that the man you've known for a long time and trying to cope with is far better than the new man you just met, who's being all nice and good.

How can a man beat up his new wife so badly that she would need up to 9 stitches?

Unfortunately, most young ladies will only realize this when it's too late. You would have entered into the new man's life and house fully, pretense over, then you will start seeing his true colour.

As a guy or lady, any relationship you want to get something good from, pray and seek guidance.