Sex Scandal: Apostle Suleman demands N1bn from Keyamo

General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has demanded that a legal practitioner, Festus Keyamo, should retract all publications, and an apology to be published on major social media networks.

He also demanded N1bn over alleged blackmail and injuries inflicted on him, including online clips, during his alleged amorous affair with a Canada-based stripper, Stephanie Otobo.

Should he fail to comply with the demand, what will happen?

The pastor threatened to drag Keyamo to Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee “for infamous conduct.”

Stephanie had alleged that she suffered emotional stress from Suleman, after their sour relationship including a promise of marriage.

But Suleman, in a letter by his counsel, Osa Director, obtained on Thursday in Abuja, entitled: “Allegation of professional misconduct and unethical practices”, said Keyamo’s action was inconsistent with Section 1 of the Rules of Professional Conduct For Legal Practitioners 2007.

He said, “Sequel to our letter to you dated March 6, 2017, we have observed with shock and dismay your deliberate and relentless efforts to malign and convict our client through media trial. By your relentless media campaign, you are conducting yourself in a manner inconsistent with Section 1 of the Rules of Professional Conduct For Legal Practitioners 2007.”

According to him, instead of gathering facts and evidence before a court of competent jurisdiction for adjudication, Keyamo resorted to alleged blackmail and intimidation through the media, both traditional and social media.

“In short, you have threatened and indeed executed your threat of conjuring, manufacturing and synthesising bogus and unverifiable exhibits in the social media and newspapers, all with a view to poison public opinion against our client and reduce his esteem and reputation in the eye of any reasonable man. Your attitude is also to ambush a fair trial while litigation is anticipated. This is contrary to S.33 of the Rules of Professional Conduct For Legal Practitioners 2007.”

Director quoted a recent Newspaper report in which Keyamo threatened to “release more bullets”, while Otobo under his supervision would be organising a world press conference and “we will begin to release bullets.”

He said, “Furthermore, you grossly and recklessly maligned our client, saying, “these men of God are not what they claim to be, we have a duty to protect the public. Many of them are fake and fraudsters. You will see the video very soon in the next few minutes.” True to your threat of trial publicity stunts, the video clips have flooded the social media networks.

“We believe your conduct is inconsistent with the virtues and rules of conduct of the legal profession. It smacks of indiscipline and disdain for the judicial process. Therefore, we demand a retraction of all your press statements and an apology to be published on the major social media networks.

“Also, we demand a compensation of N1bn for all the injuries inflicted on our client. We expect you to meet our demands within seven days from the date above written. Take notice that we shall drag you before the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee for the infamous conduct if you fail to so do.”

Apostle Suleman's wife had also said she's sure her husband is not guilty of Stephanie's allegations.


  1. and to say this is a man of God is very sad

  2. Let God arise and let His family be scattered

  3. Trials of course shall come... Forgiveness caps everything...

  4. In as much as the man Keyamo did not act professionally, Apostle Suleman should forgive him and understand it as one of those temptations that comes with following Christ...

  5. true he said some very raw things against the pastor but correct me if am wrong as a man of God who teaches xtians tp forgiveness and to prepare for trials as part of being a child of God is he not supposed to see it dat way and lead by example..all dis to me is not necessary oh based on T.b joshuas past experience..my opinion though..

  6. Touch not my anointed so says the holy book.

  7. He should be taught a lesson ,Festus talks like a mad man.

  8. Oladimeji Seun10 March, 2017 13:15

    The deed has been done.the pastor need to forgive and forget about what happen as a sign of chritianity that says we should alway forgive one and others.

  9. Am sure festus keyamo can't meet the 1billion naira demand. So the pastor should either forgive or go ahead and stunt.

  10. We cannot conclude, its possible d lady is saying d truth, only God and d 2 of them knws

  11. Africa magic part 2


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