Stephanie Otobo Reacts To N1bn Suit Against Her By Apostle Suleman

We reported that the Founder and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has filed a lawsuit against his alleged mistress, Stephanie Otobo and SR, for defaming his character and image at the Ikeja High Court, Lagos.

Apostle Suleman filed the N1bn suit after Stephanie claimed that cash deposits, travel and hotel bookings can confirm her alleged affair with the pastor.

Stephanie has reacted to Apostle Suleman's latest action. Her words...

Speaking in a video, she said: “Apostle Suleiman is desperate, I will come after you legally. You are not a man of God, You are not a pastor, you are an ordinary man and I have seen your unclothedness... I have placed a curse on you. I cannot be scared of you, it would not be well with you untill you speak the truth".

This matter can be resolved. If anyone has made mistake, think deep and seek for solution.


  1. mehn does this have guts!!! is this one sponsoring or something really happened between them both..na only God know

  2. Only God knows who is truely serving Him sincerely

  3. In every rumours there's element of truth,so apostle suilaman should stop being wardly

  4. God knows... But i trust d man of God

  5. Hassan Aderemi30 March, 2017 10:13

    Are these people without conscience? Who is fooling who? You can only fool all the people some for some of the time, you can only fool some of the people all the time but you can not fool all the people all the time. Is either Apostle Suleman is lying or Stephanie is not telling the true but time will tell for the whole world to know the truth.

  6. There's element of truth from wht dis lady is saying.

  7. I feel there might be some atom of truth in what she is saying


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