Strange! Iroko Tree Bursts Into Fire In Lagos (Photo)

Lagos State Government has reported that an Iroko Tree located at Topo Garage in Badagry area of the state, has burst into flame itself and raged on for almost a day.

Director, Lagos State Fire Service, Rasak Fadipe told PM News that the Iroko Tree burst into flame on its own without anybody setting it ablaze around 7.00pm on Sunday.

“An Iroko tree on its own burst into flame for about six hours ago in Badagry. Firemen are on ground to prevent the fire from spreading to buildings,” he said.

Spokesperson of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Ibrahim Farinloye also confirmed the incident.

He said firemen had been on ground to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby buildings, but said strangely that despite all efforts, the fire could not be put out on time.

“Firemen are on ground to prevent it’s spread to the nearby buildings, Surprisingly when water with chemical was applied, the fire increase rapidly,” he said.

Around 5:30pm, Farinloye said the fire on the Iroko tree had been put out.

“Two branches of the tree burnt down but the leaves are as fresh as if nothing has happened. The tree was located on Topo garage, Badagry,” he said.


  1. Strange,God has an hand in it.

  2. Somebody has finally pray through, liberation time for the people in that vicinity, only those who are spiritually inclined will understand the efficacy of that incidence.

  3. Strange things are happening o

  4. something spiritual happened there..thank God no life was lost in the spiritual battle

  5. Hassan Aderemi21 March, 2017 07:46


  6. Hmmm, strange things. evil spirit at work.

  7. Something spiritual just happened that resulted in the burning of the tree


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