TB Joshua Travels To Israel, Meets Jerusalem's Dep. Mayor

Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor, Yosef Daitsh and Councilor Hanan Rubin last week hosted Pastor T.B. Joshua, one of the most prominent supporters of Israel and the Jewish people in the world, as he visited Jerusalem.

T.B. Joshua is considered one of the world’s most popular pastors, with 2.8 million followers on the Facebook social network. According to YouTube, his videos have been seen by more than 300 million people worldwide. He is considered to be a great supporter of Israel and even calls his church “The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations".
During the visit to the Jerusalem Municipality, T.B. Joshua received an honor from Deputy Mayor, Yosef Daitsh (United Torah Judaism) and Councilor Hanan Rubin (Awakening). The two gave him the pin of the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" of Jerusalem as they surveyed the city and shard with him its challenges.

Following the visit, Councilor Hanan Rubin wrote on Facebook: "My friend - Deputy Mayor Yossi Deutsch and myself were privileged to host T.B Joshua Ministries, a large supporter of Israel and Jewry worldwide. Beyond explanations and pictures, I learnt from him an important lesson in modesty. A person with 2.5 million Facebook fans and tens of millions(!) who view him as a saint, going around in simple clothes, without graces of honor, coming to Israel as a guest and significant donor of ZAKA, (via his friend - ZAKA Chairman Yehuda Meshi-Zahav), and goes around as an ordinary person for just one goal - to repair the world - is something exemplary."

T.B. Joshua was very pleased with his visit and asked to share the visit on his official Facebook Page: TB Joshua Ministries, which has 2.8 million followers. His supporters and followers were also excited and received thousands of shares on social networks, some in Africa and some around the world, and the rate of sharing is rising at this moment.
As a result, councilor Rubin received nearly 3,000 requests from companies, mainly from Africans.

“We have had great honor in hosting T.B. Joshua in the Jerusalem Municipality, his presence in the Holy City and his unqualified support for the Jewish people show that only Jerusalem is a city that can bridge all the gaps and make all of Israel friends, not just Israel, Its supporters and lovers from all over the world.”

"Just as the gift of honoring parents from a non-Jew, I learned from the commandments of modesty from T.B. Joshua - and I wrote about it in the hope that we will all learn to act like him, despite his high status.”

Source: Kikar