The Tyranny Of UNILAG Management

...and The Future Of Akokite

By Egbeolowo Olaitan
Flashback to march 6 protest that was inundated with the coming together of different platforms. We all saw how the Unilag students became powerless in the face of tyranny, oppression and intimidation. Sequel to this, I stand in this era to rename the prestigious university of lagos to 'MUMULAG'. How can the students of a prestigious citadel of learning be pusillanimous all because they are afraid of rustication and expulsion? Freedom cometh by struggle! Freedom cometh by unity! 

Nevertheless, the stuffs we are made of is going to determine how far we've gone or how far we can go now and tomorrow. May be I am the next person to be rusticated, who knows? 
Now that the gospel of rustication is the order of the day in our ivory towers.

I promise to make this article as succinct as possible.

The university of lagos prides itself as one of the best universities in Nigeria. Yet, this university cannot boast of 7 hours power supply. What a joke! In my last article, I wrote about the neo fascism in nigerian tertiary institutions. Hardly had I finished the article when the whole statement of mine started receiving fulfillment. One would call me a prophet!. One would call me a sorcerer! Well, I'm a descendant of Oduduwa embedded with seven life.

Power supply and the spate of living condition in unilag hostels are deteriorating and you are in office, Prof. Rahmon. Well, I won't say the nations investment to make you a scholar is a waste. But I am very much sure that posterity will judge you for all the anti student(s) policies known to be a way of life in your administration.

Could he be that all the vice chancellors we have in Nigeria have come to a conclusion of rusticating any student that wants to criticise their cruel and callous policies? It is obvious that few among them would say no. The likes of PROF EGBOHKARE:

Prof egbohkare is right when he said that university is now a transport company that spends more on buying official cars and spend less on research. What a shame! He said this during the vice chancellor's debate in 2015. If we have people like this as VC, then the likes of olorunfemi adeyeye and his kinsmen would have no cause to panic, The love of tyranny shall wax cold, tyrannical system of ruling shall be no more, students lamentation on the school campus shall be a thing of the past, injustice shall bow for justice and many more.

On Monday, the 6th day of March, 2017, I joined in solidarity the “Save UNILAG” protest. The protest was aimed at reinstating the eleven students of that university who were unjustly rusticated for advocating for the general welfare of students at the institution. After much cogitation, brainstorming and trump up charges levelled against the Bello led administration, the expected agencies that are suppose to probe the Bello led administration are not doing enough to put an end to his monumental corruption.

There have been many events going on in Unilag, but which one is ineffable for me start with?

Is it The incessant victimisation of Unilag students like a thief of the night or what? Is this not enough for one to finger the authority in charge? All of these things made olorunfemi adeyeye to finger the mangement through an article titled- Unilag Management: A conglomerate of Academic Ignorami. After vomiting both the weaknesses of the management and grievances of the students, and all they could get from a sensible management like that of unilag is the threat of expulsion. Even as at that, he was rusticated with 10 comrades they felt to be adeyeye's kinsmen. Some of the issues in this article are things that needed urgent attention then. This one pain you?

After rusticating olorunfemi adeyeye and others, the same management went ahead to persuade Unilag students and their parents to sign "Indemnity Form". As I posited earlier, the entire populace of UNILAG had no choice other than to allow Rahmon Bello to "RAHMONISE" them. This is hilarious! Pardon my hilarious approach in this article and continue to read with understanding.

Today, most of the documents established by the school management are only for their purposes and to the extent of violating the constitution. Document that is capable of alienating the people's right, is that one a document? A society that cannot ensure a peaceful protest does not fit to be in existence. Welfare we no see, utilitarian education we no see, facility na nonsense; all they could come out with is the threat of expulsion. are there no common sense persons in unilag senate anymore?

IPSO FACTO and IPSO JURE, section one of the 1999 constitution proclaims the supremacy of the constitution itself; in essence, the meaning of this is that any documents or code of conduct that is not perpendicularly in line with section 1 of the 1999 constitution is inconsistent, and it is to that inconsistency null and void. Furthermore, the bogus and fictitious form used to prevent Unilag students from staging a protest is nothing but a violation of section 40 of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, which proclaims that every person shall be entitled to freedom of associations, including freedom of assembly.

Note: the wording in Section 40 of the 1999 constitution does not provide an opportunity for anybody to join secret society or cult.

The pusillanimous, helpless and voiceless Unilag students have imprisoned their souls in an A4 paper titled " INDEMNITY FORM". Abeg wetin be indemnity form self? This is a violation, annihilation and mutilation of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria: Section 1, Section 38(1) and Section 40

These machiavellian(s) who parade themselves as Unilag management should be made to face the law and suffer for their misdeeds. the judicial system itself is not in a proper order? It is alarming that we only have all these things in a written document, but the will to practise it is not there (PAPER WORK SYNDROME). We are good in writing, but poor and nostalgic in practical aspect.

The Unilag students have been enslaved internally by the 'HITLERS' and ' MUSSOLINIS' who parade themselves as Unilag management. Plucking the larger students into life sucking abyss is all but accepted by the students of Unilag as a new style of living on the school campus(suffering and smiling). ' 'OJOGBON BELLO> ESHANU AWO OMO YI'. Injustice is a big problem for democratic values in any society.

The Unilag management are specialist in rustication, expulsion and oppression; But they are too busy and timeless to provide a good welfare for the students, and education with utilitarian content(s).

We are not bold enough to voice out our mind because of fear of the uknown. my people cannot sleep with their two eyes closed anymore. SE na life we dey live SHA? The yorubas would say "SE AYE NI ELEYI SHA"?

Many prefer to keep mute and be a prisoner all the days of their life. I do say one thing, nobody knows the kind of death that would kill him or her because death is inevitable. Whether you speak for your right or not, what will be will be.

I have respect for constituted authorities. But when the oppression is becoming unbearable, I will surely voice out my mind. I would rather die than be a prisoner all the days of my life. Let me use this opportunity to say a big thank you to those who are restless in talking to me as one of their sons. May you not languish in pain, poverty and starvation.

All efforts of coalition through the coming together of different platforms such as ANSA, SAYASI, ERC, UAD and others have also go a long way in this struggle. I say a big kudos to every one of these platforms.

Permit me to use this moment to address the law society of UNILAG.;

Is the law society of UNILAG not functioning again? Or are there no common sense persons among them? If the law society pretend as if they are not aware of the abnormalities, I pray they never see with their eyes anymore. It is excruciating to know that the law society of unilag failed woefully to make impact in this struggle. Nevertheless, these same people are the ones who walk with ego and pride, not knowing that they are empty vessels. 

I could remember the day I went to the faculty of law to sensitize some of them since we've not been hearing anything from this society. In the course of engaging these dollop heads who parade themselves as future lawyers, most of these people were saying they've signed indemnity form. I chortled and shake my head for the law society of unilag. If we are complaining about the judicial system of today, only God knows what is going to happen in the nigerian bar association(NBA) tomorrow.

Conclusively, the struggle of Nigerian students against neo liberal attacks is pitifully strenuous and stringent. I see the reason why most Nigeria Graduates can't defend themselves when faced with oppression in the society. They are not worthy in character because their inner person has been bamboozled by these demigods in the University community. May God help us. in the journey to liberate Nigeria: education right campaign(ERC), alliance of Nigerian students against neo liberal attacks(ANSA), united action for democracy(UAD), SAYASI and others. All of these platforms won't rest until they get what they want.

We all want a just free and egalitarian society!!!

#SaveUnilag(11) now!
#ReinstateAdeyeye and others
#We demand a good and befitting welfare for all Nigerian students

Before I suspend my pen indefinitely, permit me to say

- Egbeolowo Olaitan is a prominent member of ANSA(alliance of nigeria students against neo liberal attacks). A writer, editor and orator...