Update on Doctor Who Jump Into Lagoon on Third Mainland

Lagos Emergency Management Agency officials on Sunday searched for the medical doctor, who jumped into a lagoon on the Third Mainland Bridge, in the Adekunle area of Lagos.

It was learnt that the man, identified as Dr Allwell Orji, was in a Sport Utility Vehicle en route to Lagos Island at about 4pm when he asked his driver to stop after he "received" a call.

He was said to have walked to the railings on the bridge and jumped into the lagoon.

The vehicle and the deceased’s driver were taken to the Adeniji Adele Police Division, while efforts were ongoing to find the doctor “dead or alive” as of 8pm on Sunday.

An Instagram user, who claimed to have witnessed the moment Dr. Orji jumped into the lagoon expressed shock over the incident.

“I witnessed the worst thing ever today! The owner of this particular vehicle jumped into the lagoon right in front of me! I saw him get out of his car; then jumped. I was directly behind him. I parked and ran as fast as my legs could carry me, but it was too late. I wish he had waited a little longer, I wish I was able to stop him, I wish I was about to hold his hands, I wish he could tell me what the problem was!

“I’m still in shock, I couldn’t control my tears. I ran after him, I tried to save him, I called for help….Loads of people stopped because they saw me acting like a crazy woman, the ambulance was present, the fishermen were trying to help, but it was too late! He left a note on his personalised doctor’s notepad with his house address,” he wrote.

The LASEMA General Manager, Mr. Adesina Tiamiyu, who confirmed the incident, said some local divers and men of the agency were still searching for the victim in the lagoon.

He said, “The man parked his grey coloured Nissan SUV with number plate, LND 476 EE, at about 4.50pm on the Third Mainland Bridge, and jumped into the Lagos Lagoon.

“Preliminary investigation revealed that the man, Orji, who was being driven by his driver, suddenly ordered the driver to pull over.

“He alighted from the SUV and jumped into the lagoon from the bridge. The vehicle and the driver have been taken to the Adeniji Adele Police Station.

“Effort is ongoing to find him or recover his body from the lagoon.”

The Zone 2 spokesperson, SP Dolapo Badmos, said the marine police joined the Lagos command to search for the victim.

“The mother and a pastor have come to identify him.”


  1. Too bad! regardless of whatever happened, suicide is not the best option.

  2. please we need update on what made him do that!

    1. Exactly my point, what did he write in his note pad

  3. What a sad way to go

  4. Whatever that made the man take his own life must be very serious

  5. they have killed that man..what a pity,God rest his soul

  6. Oladimeji Seun20 March, 2017 10:18

    God save us o, what could have come over him to make him jump into the lagoon.

  7. This must be due to depression or some tragic news he got

  8. Sad news.Let the police get his phone,and find out about the call he received .

  9. May he rest in peace. Satanic manipulation from the pit of hell is real.
    May God help us to be vigilant, watch and pray because the devil like a roaring lion is looking for who to devaour

  10. So shame make am commit. I wonder his excuse in front of God.


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