Why Suleima Aledeh Resigned From Channels TV

We told you last week that Channels TV anchorman, Sulaiman Aledeh has quit his job. But the reason why he left the organization he had worked for eight years is less savory than Aledeh openly admitted.

According to SR findings, the relationship between the talented journalist and the Chairman/CEO of Channels TV, John Momoh, went sour a few months before he finally dropped his resignation paper.

Sources within the organization said Momoh was unhappy with Aledeh over an undisclosed issue, and therefore “punished him” by cutting his salary and later removing him from Sunrise Daily.

A source told SR, “Aledeh was punished for whatever offense, and he gladly resigned because the ridicule was too much.”
Aledeh in a previous interview said he quit his job because it was time to move on. 

“Almost eight years, I needed greater challenges and not routine that was getting boring for me.”

But in one of his video posts on Youtube on Thursday, Aledeh gave a hint about the disagreeable nature of his exit and why he may not want to make the reason public.

“Sometimes silence is golden; some other time silence could mean a lot more.” He said he would be challenged about the future and not the past.

One of the sources also said Aledeh was overworked because of his multiple skills, which he often willingly deployed, but without commensurate reward. In his video on Youtube, Aledeh who is currently in London admitted that much.

“Almost everyone who come around at work, I tell everybody, yes I can do this…but sometimes you just might come off with some form of regret.”

Aledeh will be resuming to his new gig at Arise TV station on Saturday. “We’re starting off something big and would definitely be hitting TV on Saturday,” he confirmed.


  1. I think he did the best thing...once the going is no longer sweet, it's better to part ways

  2. I wish you good luck in your endeavors

  3. things like dis do happen sha..he indeed is a talented journalist and some1 mum and i listened to but all the same its good he left for if the info is true then it surely was an embarrasing moment for him but now its on to bigger things

  4. All d best 2 him..

  5. Oladimeji Seun14 March, 2017 08:39

    The man has his own image to protect.he make a better decission for himself.

  6. The most important thing is that he has decided to move on with his career.

  7. I tried same in my previous work place, sometimes d beginning might be tough but with time. U will scale through. Just be optimistic

  8. He have to moving ahead, whatever happened God knw best. i wish he all the best in his new job.. @PHILL

  9. Wish him all the best


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