Woman Campaigning For Political Office Goes Toples

Desperation of another dimension. Former stripper turned French presidential election candidate hopeful was arrested while campaigning after taking off her clothes.

52yrs old Cindy Lee is the potential presidential candidate for the Pleasure Party

Thirty riot police officers led her away after mistaking her for a feminist protester. Cindy was walking around Paris wearing nothing but hotpants and Tip tassles

She is hoping to feature on the ballot paper for the French elections next month

She said: 'We are here to demand transparency when it comes to corruption, and this outfit justifies transparency

'I advocate the well-being of the individual in society, putting people at the centre of politics.'

While talking to the media, she stopped motorists to hand out her manifesto, which includes pumping money into projects to help residents enjoy a more fulfilled s*x life. Lolz!


  1. She is truly representing the name of her party... Pleasure party.

  2. She is truly representing the name of her party... Pleasure party.

  3. Oladimeji Seun10 March, 2017 06:35

    Hahaha, what lesson is she leaving behind for the people she is going to govern over.this Oyinbo people sha.

  4. A perverted being, moral is eroding in our society gradually.

  5. for her mind she dey campaign and she go win abi?..some people have just lost it sha

  6. Nonsense of the highest order....

  7. Lolz don't be surprise she might win the election,if Donald trump can win election she can

  8. Hassan Aderemi10 March, 2017 09:30

    She suppose to be vying for the World President of Association of Strippers.

  9. This one na real olosho oh, she dey sell her market.

  10. Lolz, she copied one candidate in Kenya ooo. #Nudist-in-politics.

  11. #Planning to fail

  12. I'm all for pleasure
    love her...hot pants and Tip tassles
    bjbonji (NJ)


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