Angry Nigerians Attack Police Station Over Killing Of Woman In Lagos

About three people sustained gunshot injuries and scores were injured during a protest in Mushin, Lagos State, over the killing of a 52-year-old trader, Mrs. Kudirat Adebayo.

The protesters had dumped the corpse of the deceased at the Olosan Police Station on Tuesday when the policemen allegedly shot and fired tear gas at the crowd.

It was learnt that in the melee, many residents were injured, while three people sustained gunshot injuries and were rushed to different hospitals for treatment.

Sources say three policemen alleged to have been involved in the killing of Adebayo had been arrested and transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba.

It was gathered that some policemen attached to the Olosan division had on Tuesday trailed a suspected fraudster to the Tollgate area of Mushin.

The suspect was said to have resisted arrest and mobilised his friends, who attacked the cops. The policemen reportedly called for reinforcement from the division.

The new police team deployed in the scene was said to have opened fire to disperse the attackers.

However, a stray bullet allegedly hit the victim in the head while she prepared to fry yam cake (ojojo) for her customers around 6pm.

The mother of two was said to have slumped and died.

When Punch visited the scene on Wednesday, thick bloodstains were observed where Adebayo breathed her last.

Grated yam flour, groundnut oil, and other items of her trade, were still in the place she left them, as a crowd of sympathisers called for justice.

It was learnt that the corpse had been deposited in the Mainland Mortuary, Yaba.

Her sister, Adenike Fatai, identified the policemen involved in the killing as Charles and Prince.

She said, “Some policemen on motorcycles trailed a man to Tollgate. They accused him of being a yahoo boy. They wanted to arrest him, but the man put up a fight against them.

“They called for reinforcement and that was how their colleagues came in a patrol van and started shooting indiscriminately. They fired more than 20 bullets. My sister, who was about to fry ojojo, was hit by a bullet. She fell and died.

“A motorcycle rider went to challenge Prince, telling him a woman had been hit by their bullet. Prince shot him as well in the leg. The policemen were six in number.”


  1. what will befall yu will befall yu and wat wont will never befal yu... Its an accident ordained to happen dt way..... Its a sad event dt shouldnt excalate into anoda tn

  2. Police always misbehaving..

  3. Two wrongs can never make a right

  4. The commissioner of police really have a big work to do in the Nigerian police force

  5. days after one was killed by stray bullet out recklessness another round of indiscriminate shooting again which is not needed.arent nigerian police officers though how to use firearms in public,those 2killers should be severely dealt with for this pain

  6. Proper investigation should be carried out and the perpetrators should be brought to book

  7. These guys were poorly trained.Nigerian police are fond of initiating military operations, but failed to understand their constitutional roles and rules of engagement.


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