Angry Youths Beat House Of Reps Member Into Coma

The music that comes to mind; "Make una lead us well, no let this nation to fall inside well..."

House of Reps member representating Bosso and Paiko constituencies of Niger State, Hon. Salihu Adamu, has been beaten into a coma by aggrieved youths in his constituency.

The lawmaker was first rushed to a private hospital, following injuries he sustained in the attack.

Hon. Adamu was later transferred to another hospital in Kaduna for further treatment. A source said that the lawmaker’s vehicle was damaged by the angry youths.

Some sympathisers called the police when the youths were attacking the lawmaker. Policemen who swooped on the area saved the politician from being lynched.

Adamu had driven into a villages in his constituency for a political meeting when he was attacked.

It was gathered that the youths accused the politician of not attending political meetings since he was elected about two years ago.

A source told Punch that the youths asked the lawmaker to leave the venue of the meeting, saying they would attack him if he did not.

One of the youths slapped him while another hit him in the stomach. This made him to fall. It later became a free-for-all as every youth there tried to beat him,” a source said.

When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, confirmed the incident.

“It was a politically motivated attack,” Elkana said, adding that three suspects had been arrested in connection with the incident.


  1. revenge is always harder.... PoPo go torture dem eeh!!!

  2. D youths are very angry,no wok to do even after school,but everyday dey keep looting

  3. This is the begging of the jungle justices in our country because thus that are calling them self politicians are criminal they refuse to save their people they only save their pocket and their children when others are dying in home, hospital, road and so on etc because of sickness and lack of money i hope this will stop if not one day will by their families will be a big team.

  4. Una for beat am to death,dis Na small sef...Nigerians are angry

  5. Revolution or what do we call this

  6. Now our mumu don begin make sense.

  7. Good let this continues so that they rest their brain to default.

  8. a message to others its time to start behaving and actually serving the peoole you represent..sorry sir

  9. Hunger has made people aggressive..

  10. Oladimeji Seun06 April, 2017 19:26

    This is just little out of what is going to happen to this our lawmakers who refuse to face their constituency problem and find lasting solution to the problem.

  11. Our leaders do something, the situation is becoming unbearable.


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