APC Lawmaker Mohammed Gololo Attacked By Mob, House Ransacked

About one week after protesters attacked lawmakers and other public officials at a political event in Katsina, another lawmaker has been attacked.

Protesters disrupted a political gathering convened House of Reps member, Mohammed Gololo (APC-Bauchi), in his ancestral Gololo village of Gamawa area of Bauchi State.

Mr. Gololo, who is the representative for the Gamawa federal constituency, was on Sunday pelted with stones at the event he organized to distribute empowerment materials to his supporters.

His vehicle was damaged in the process as security operatives whisked him away, witnesses said.

A witness told PT that the windscreen of the car of the lawmaker was smashed by the angry youth who reportedly marched from the scene to his house to continue the attack.

Luckily for Gololo, he and his family had fled the house before the arrival of the mob.


  1. mehn the youths are getting angry! this is a sign that you all should change your ways if not this is just the beginning..

  2. Yes we are getting the brains now in Naija any political official who failed to the delivered should not be allowed to spend the looted fund and should not be welcomed to the community.

  3. Now the youths are waking up from their slumber, if this continues, politicians will be accountable to their stewards. any day we realise that a particular politician is our problem, that day will be the end of that problem bcus the politician will received it hot hot. We are gradually coming to this

  4. Oladimeji Seun29 April, 2017 08:47

    That is the begining of it all, do the right thing and the youth will embrace the law makers.

  5. If he is actually in the Senate to represent his people, how can they fight him. It's only when he is representing and his family alone, he attracts the angers of the masses

  6. That's serious. Probably they thought he is an anti Buhari

  7. The evil men do goes after them

  8. Wuh could ve warranted it..

  9. A story is always behind such acts...


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