Big Lady & Boyfriend Die While Having S*x In Moving Car

What a sad way to die! She is said to be a police officer in one of the big states in the US. She and her boyfriend were having s*x on North Coast Highway with her car engine running.

Unfortunately for them, the car got out of control and plunged into precipice...

*I don't even know what to say*


  1. What a way to die, after death judgement

  2. Oladimeji Seun20 April, 2017 13:05

    They dye of what they know best.

  3. Grace boniface20 April, 2017 13:06

    Chai! People can just risk their lives for nothing ooo. Why not wait until u get to d house. Enjoyment turned sour. Rip.

  4. may there souls rest in peace if only..what a stupid way to die i mean why not hold konji and go home and do as u want..so pathetic

  5. Eeyah! Dey put dere lives at risk cos of fun..

  6. Ah!! Unbelievable to hear and see this kind of shameful death..Moral: people should try to the right thing at the appropriate time.

  7. What a shameful death..Ah!Ah! people should do the right thing at the appropriate and ideal time


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