Big Looters Richer Than Nigeria... now bury money to avoid being caught

The Federal Government said that there were indications that big looters had more money in their possession than all tiers of government in the country.

It however hailed its whistle-blower policy, which has led to the recovery of looted funds in major currencies which might have never been discovered.

“Since we inaugurated the whistle-blower policy, we have received immeasurable support from Nigerians. 
“Yes, there is monetary reward for any information that leads to recovery of looted funds, but from what we have seen, most Nigerians, who have come forward with useful leads, are driven by patriotism rather than reward. 
“Nigerians, fired by a fervid resolve to help banish corruption from their country, have daily inundated the offices of the appropriate government agencies with valuable information 
“We have been told how looters have resorted to burying stolen funds in their backyards, in deep forests and even at burial grounds. 
“Thanks to whistle-blowers, it is now clear that a rapacious few have pillaged the nation’s wealth through a vicious orgy of corrupt practices... 
“It is now obvious that more funds are in the possession of looters than are available to government at all levels to meets their obligations, including paying workers’ salaries, providing social amenities, upgrading infrastructure and ensuring the security of lives and property. 
“As the looters continue to run helter-skelter, many of them are even abandoning their booty at unusual places, including airports. 
“We want to assure Nigerians that we will not abandon this policy for whatever reason. Instead, we will continue to rejig it to make it more effective as a tool for fighting corruption.”