Billionaire Ifeanyi Ubah Still Cooling Off In DSS Detention

Contrary to denials in some sections of the media that he was not arrested, Businessman and owner of Capital Oil and Gas, Mr. Ifeanyi Ubah, is still in the custody of the Department of State Services, a week after he was arrested.

It was gathered that Mr. Ubah was invited by the security service on Monday and had remained with the operatives since then.

Credible security sources who spoke with Punch on Saturday evening, confirmed the development.

“As I speak with you, the man is still with us. Don’t listen to the propaganda his people are saying. You know he is a big boy and he doesn’t want people to know that he is being detained.

“His people claimed on Thursday that he spoke with reporters. When we saw the story, we laughed. In the said statement, he was also said to have claimed that he was going to watch a football match a day later.

“That’s not true. Ubah is with us and we have no plan of releasing him this weekend because we have a court order to detain him,” said a source.

Ubah had claimed on Thursday that it was true that he visited the DSS, but said he went there for the confirmation of accounts with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

Speaking through his Chief of Staff, Mr. Chiegozie Gerald Udogu, he said that he had been going to the DSS since Monday.

He had said, “Yes, it was true that he was at the DSS office, but he was not detained. He went there for the reconciliation of account with the NNPC.

“The DSS is mediating in the trade dispute between the two parties. Therefore, it is not a thing to be worried about.”

Mr. Udogu did not respond to calls made to his telephone line on Saturday night and he also did not reply to a text message sent to him either.

A text message was also sent to him to confirm why he was still held by the DSS, if it was right and what was the basis for it. He did not reply the text message up till the time of reporting.


  1. For them to detain him till now means the issue is a serious one

  2. Big boy with questionable ways. Can't all these people be clean and so sure of themselves just ONCE

  3. Ok o...

    Why not make matters less by telling the truth...

  4. Let's be calm, the truth will be out and glaring in no time.

  5. I believe this has to do with looted money from NNPC

  6. No wonder he is looking for advisory role in Buhari administration to bring bk dollars to 200.

  7. business gone bad..i hope not fraudulent sha

    1. This is gossiping men.his people say or not saying.what's that for.for me that's gossip.

  8. All dey know is 2 divert funds n lie upandan tryna cova up..

  9. Hassan Aderemi02 April, 2017 20:46

    We await the DSS feedback on the investigation but the same man was selling kerosene at N50 per litre when other fuel marketers were selling at N150 per litre to masses, the same man, who vow to bring dollars to N200/ $1 if given chance during this PMB led government, does it mean his hands too is not clean or what else? time will tell for the whole world to know the real source of some billionaire wealth in Nigeria.

  10. Oladimeji Seun02 April, 2017 21:20

    He should be there until he return all the money he stole.

  11. No shaking, they will soon grant him bail


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