BREAKING: Emir Sanusi’s Kano Emirate Admits Spending N3.4bn In 3 Years

Tension of some sort is building between Kano State government the Kano State Emirate headed by the Emir of Kano over issues relating to money.

The Kano Emirate Council on Monday debunked claims that the emir, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has spent N6 billion of the emirate’s fund since he assumed office.

At a press conference in Kano, the senior council official in charge of finance who is also the Walin Kano, Bashir Wali, told reporters that the emirate has spent only N3.4 billion since Sanusi emerged Emir in June 2014.

Wali, who provided some details of the expenditure, also explained that Emir Sanusi inherited about N2.9 billion (exactly N2.895,165,43.77) and not N4 billion as being claimed.

Looks like someone or some people are trying to get back at Emir Sanusi. Politics vs Tradition.


  1. this has to do with him being very vocal about issues and revealing the ills of the society..nigerians no dey like truth

  2. He has said so much over the month, I guess he has stepped on toes, let's see how things will unfold in the coming weeks

  3. Nigerians play politics in everything

  4. Serz gbege! Spending moni lik wata..

  5. Politraditional corruption continues......

  6. Because he told them the truth, where them been dey all this years wen him the spend the money.abeg make them leave him joor.


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