Buhari Absent; VP Osinbajo Presides Over FEC Meeting

The Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, presided over the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting at the State House, Abuja, today.

At the start of the meeting, President Muhammadu Buhari was absent.

Cabinet members are expected to brief state house correspondents on the outcome of the meeting.

This will be the first council meeting to be held without President Buhari in attendance since his return from his medical vacation to the United Kingdom, last month.


  1. am not surprised..health issues for a man his age will surely give him absent days

  2. its obvious some times he need to rest proff.is so much competent to handle things .GOD will continue to be ur streinght .

  3. Does it matter who is present among d 2?

  4. Pmb is very weak, he should tender his resignation letter.

  5. Only in Nigeria will all this shit happens.


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