Bus Carrying Synagogue Members Tumbles While Avoiding Cows On Highway

A female friend sent me pictures from the scene of this unfortunate accident last night while I was chilling somewhere but I didn't know it was this serious until I checked the pics much later.

According to report, some Synagogue members in a bus from Lagos to Abuja, escaped death after their bus fell into a ditch, while trying to avoid cows on the highway.

Thankfully, no life was lost. The authorities really need to find a place for cows and their owners to stop them from endangering the lives of road users anyhow.


  1. These fulani herdsmen their wahala is too much. Thank God no life was lost

  2. Oladimeji Seun18 April, 2017 08:42

    Only if the FG will listen cos people have been crying out on the issue of this cow rearing beside the road which pose as a risk to road users.


  3. It's true no life was lost, but the bus is never same. It's better for government to do something about rearing cow on the expressway

  4. U see....

    Even on high ways...

    God is good...

  5. Thank God no life was lost, Cows be dragging road with motorist, only in Nigeria will you see such

  6. thanks to God..cows are an unwilling menace to road users this days cuz of there owners..Govt do something


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