CCTV Exposed Nigerian Who Robbed 4 Banks In New York

This is quite sad and unfortunate. He sure has a job but still allowed greed to control his reasoning.

This man, 53yrs old Abdullahi Shuaibu acted like someone who's under some sort of manipulation as he should have known better that his actions would catch up with him.

In the first incident, Shuaibu walked into a Santander Bank on Madison Ave. near E. 43rd St. on Feb. 27 and told the teller he had a gun. The bank employee complied and handed Shuaibu an unknown sum of money. 
He hit two more banks during the month of March.
He was identified through CCTV after robbing 4 banks in New York . Now he's going to prison.


  1. At your age, you still earn your living through rubbery, shameless. Good you are going to prison.

  2. Too good to be true, gainfully employed yet wouldn't leave robbery alone, they have really gotten to him from the village

  3. makes me ashamed to be honest

  4. New Year Resolution gone down the drain - lead us not into temptation oh Lord.

  5. He is going to prison for his crimes

  6. Oladimeji Seun19 April, 2017 14:52

    Maybe he is under the control of evel.

  7. He thought he was in Nigeria ecobank and uba fool


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