Civil Defence Officer Caught "Stealing" In Rivers State

According to a Facebook user who shared the story, the man pictured, an officer of Nigerian Civil Defence Corps was caught and beaten by residents while stealing in Agudama Street, Dline. But somehow the story is taking another twist.

Read the story as narrated below...

The man in this picture, is Inspector Lucky Wilfred an officer of the Nigerian Civil Defence corps. last week Wednesday, he came to steal in an office at Agudama Street, Dline. he was caught and beaten by residents in the compound. that was how they took this picture of him. 
Today the Rivers State Command of the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps is prosecuting Mr. Welcome Obu, a resident of the compound and Mr. Onuoha Oliver the secretary in the office are being charged to court for conspiracy and attempted murder of the said thief. this is the height of injustice in Nigeria. we are asking the authority to come into this matter and let justice prevail. 

Please help us share this post till it gets to the Headquarters of the Nigeria Civil Defence Corps let justice prevail'.


  1. Proper authorities should look into the case and investigate

  2. So dem be wan cova am abi..

  3. Justice shall be served one way or the other

  4. We live in d world of Irony

  5. meaning they are twisting justice..this is very bad we will not allow such happen when the vaught culprit is walking free

  6. Oladimeji Seun24 April, 2017 22:08

    So it is an offence now to catch up with thief, abi.

  7. Corrupt society, our officers are disgrace

  8. Thank God for technology and social media...


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