Cross River University Suspends 16,000 Students Over N1.2Billion Debts

About 16,000 undergraduates of the Cross River State University of Technology (CRUTECH) have been suspended following their inability to pay their school fees, totaling about N1.2bn.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof Anthony Owan-Enoh signed a 15 page advertorial in a local tabloid, and listed the entire names of the students across all departments in the 3 campuses in the state.

The statement read in parts;
"Following Senate decision, only students who are not indebted or who owe not more than a semester's fees N37,000 are eligible to sit for the forthcoming examination. Those owing for a session's fees N74,000 and above are by the Senate decision suspended from the University."

He said the students were given up to May 12, 2017 to pay all outstanding fees or lose their studentship, adding that students can only be readmitted upon reapplication and payment of all outstanding fees.

The statement said the total debts stands at N1,291,826,140.00. 


  1. I just hope these monies are not in MMM hmmmm

  2. They should pls consider the ones with genuine reasons, things are a bit hard for the masses now.

  3. the government should help them o!

  4. there is recession and financial constraints dont you guys have pity..education which is the most important thing a government should provide for its citizens and young ones is what we pay heavily for in nigeria,the poor man and struggling average who so crave to be educated and be degree holders can no longer afford and yet our leaders claim to be sensitive and working for the good of the citizens..shame on you all.i vry for my country

  5. The fees is too much and getting money is not easy with the present condition in Nigeria

  6. The should take it easy with them, things are difficult

  7. Na recession cause am..

  8. This has nothing to do with recession but outcome of MMM the students are such desperate to extend of investing their school fees.


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