Drama as Sanusi’s daughter represents him... first time a lady will represent an Emir

This action by Emir Sanusi has generated some ripples. Shahida Sanusi, daughter of Muhammad Sanusi II, Emir of Kano, represented him at the inaugural Chibok Girls’ lecture held by the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) group on Friday.

Shahida, who delivered Sanusi’s speech at the event in Abuja, said her representing the emir would be the first time a non-title holder or woman would do so in the north.

Earlier, the Emir, in a video message to the group, said he chose his daughter to represent him at the event because of her passion for gender issues.

He said his daughter once slapped a boy for disrespecting her.

He also lampooned those who are opposed to his views, saying they would have to contend with his children who are more progressive and radical.

Hmmm...no be small radical.


  1. Hassan Aderemi14 April, 2017 22:17

    It's a welcome development for a female to represent an Emir but it is wrong for her to have slapped a boy for disrespecting her, she ought to be mature in dealing with issues of embarrassment in the public.

  2. No big deal,it was a women program

  3. a radical move from a emir and daughter..you go fear na

  4. Grace boniface15 April, 2017 07:30

    Enter your comment.. Welcoming development. I like that.

  5. Of course we have tradition and culture. you can never say anything and everything is oK when it satisfy the people outside the culture and tradition. i expected to see the daughter of the second most important traditional and Islamic title holder in the North in a traditional dressing that signifies the culture and the religion of the people she is representing. who are we trying appease? the west? English or other cultures and traditions. if anyone say this is conservative ideology, please ask him/her does their Emir/chief or Obas being represented by his princes/ prince in this manner? i don't want to comment on anything the Emir said or his representative said. there is alot of changes in the North which the Emir and whoever talking does not recognize. before the emir start talking about the girls child education. many governors have developed programmes for girl child education this include Kano state with the 4 consecutive governments in more than 20 years and is yielding results....many many programmes for science education (with thousands of graduant scientists). the almajiris what ever that is no longer passionable in the north. but the question is....what is the world class economist, the social critic, the second most important title holder, an elite of the north and a muslim is doing about the menance (we have seen what the Sultan is doing in conflict resolution among the religious group in he north)? i believe the Emir has access to all the traditional title holders and politicians in the north, why do we have to this way and start generating issues in public domain? ARE AFTER PUBLIC AND MEDIA ATTENTION ne KAWAI? i believe we have all it takes to address this issue with all the privileges at hand. A. Razaq Dikkp

  6. Dey won't take it lightly.

  7. Oladimeji Seun15 April, 2017 17:59

    No problem about that now.

  8. Gender equality

  9. Mire progressive and radical than who?


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